How To Set The Clock On A Kenwood Car Stereo

Setting up a clock on your new Kenwood Car stereo may sound like a hard night to crack. You might want to even hire someone else to get the job done for you. But why waste your money when you can do the job all by yourself?

No kidding! Learning how to set clock on Kenwood radio is way too much easier than you think. All you need to do is know a little bit of hack and this job will be easy as a snap. You think it’s a bluff? Well, follow this step-by-step guide on how to set the clock on a Kenwood Car stereo. Even you’ll say ‘Hey, this is Cake!’

Setting Up The Clock

In this guide, we’ll be taking the newer Kenwood car stereos as a reference. However, if you have other models, don’t be concerned. The operation is very similar on every Kenwood stereo system.

Once you learn how to change time on Kenwood radio, the steps will also work on other stereo systems because car stereos are built around a technology that is very much alike. And the settings behind them are also very similar too.

Note that older Kenwood Stereo system like the KDC 138 has a slightly different approach to setting up the clock. We will also give you the steps for that side by side so that you can learn how to set the clock on Kenwood KDC 138.

 Setting clock on kenwood car stereo

9 Steps To Set The Clock On A Kenwood Car Stereo

Follow these steps if you want to find out how you can set the clock on your Kenwood car stereo.

Step 1:
Turn On The Stereo

Turn on the stereo of your car. We’re assuming you already know how to turn on your vehicle’s stereo. As a result, we’re not going to get into that kind of preamble. Simply switch on your car’s stereo in the regular manner.

If you use KDC 138, switch the stereo to standby mode by pressing the “SRC” button twice, and you will see the “STBY” option.

Step 2:
Enter Settings

Notice that there is a big volume knob on your Kenwood car radio or stereo. There’s no way of missing it. If you have not noticed before, there is a push-button on the volume knob. To enter the settings mode, press it once. You’ll be sent to the functions menu.

For the KDC 138, you’ll have to press and hold the menu button on the right.

Step 3:
Find Clock Adjust Options

If you turn your volume knob now, you can browse through the basic settings of the stereo. Keep turning the volume knob clockwise until you find a “Clock adjust” function.

For the KDC 138, you should see the clock function on display. Now press and hold the play/pause button to finally reach the clock settings.

Step 4:
Adjust Clock Settings

Once you land on the clock adjusts function, press the volume knob again. Now you have entered into the clock settings of your car stereo. The next step is about changing the day and the hours.

Step 5:
Set Up Day

After pressing the “clock adjust” function, you’ll see that the day on your stereo is blipping. It means that this parameter is ready to be edited. When you turn the volume knob now, you’ll notice that the days change with it. Set the exact day, then press down the volume knob again.

In KDC 138, the D-pad on the right will help you change the time parameter values.

Step 6:
Set Up Hours

After pressing it, you’ll see that time blipping has shifted to the time parameters now. Follow the same procedure on the hours by turning the volume knob left or right and once you are done, press the volume knob downward once again.

The up/down buttons of the D-pad on your KDC 138 will let you change the hours. Then move forward to change the minutes.

Step 7:
Set Up Minutes

Now you have blips on your minute parameter. You can edit it the same way you edited it in hours. Turn the volume knob left or right to get your desired value. The D-pad left/right of your stereo can also change the minutes.

Step 8:
Exit Clock Settings

After you’re done setting up the time, press the back button under the volume knob. Some stereos don’t have it, so you just have to get your stereo out of the Standby mode.

There, you are done with the process of how to set time on Kenwood radio.

Step 9:

To check if it worked, turn off the stereo of your car. Start your car and see if the stereo system is showing the right time. It should work fine. Now, you can see the proper time and day on your Kenwood car stereo system.

Bottom Line

Learning to set up the clock of your car stereo is vital if you want to know the exact time from your car stereo and you have to change it frequently. Manufacturers’ manuals are sometimes too difficult for people to comprehend.

So here we are, giving you the easy step-by-step guide on how to set the clock on a Kenwood car stereo. Hopefully, from now on, you’ll be able to adjust the time on your car stereo.

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