How To Adjust Bass On Kenwood Car Stereo

If you think you’ll enjoy melodic sounds right after installing your Kenwood car stereo, that’s not the case! You’ve to tune the equalizer according to your preference. Only then can you enjoy your favorite song on the go!

Now the question is how to adjust the Bass on the Kenwood car stereo? Is it a must-have thing, or can you skip this step? Well, that’s what we’ll discuss here today!

Adjusting the Bass setting on Kenwood Stereo

When you’re done mounting your Kenwood stereo, it may sound bad even if the procedure was performed correctly. In that case, you need to pick the best bass setting so you can enjoy the tunes you like.

Most of the top quality kenwood car stereos offer you the chance to tweak the bass setting according to the music genre.

Yes, the bass setting won’t provide the same outcome for rock and pop!

So here we’ll tell you how to set up the Bass for different music categories. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Bass Setting for Acoustic Music

If you love listening to acoustic songs, this is how you can set up the Bass for your stereo.

  • First of all, you need to enhance the bass frequency slightly.
  • Now it is time to mid and mid higher frequencies as well. This way, you can enjoy the acoustic instrument and voices without any trouble.

2. Bass Setting for Pop Music

You need to focus on the voice and the mid-range frequencies in the pop genre. And this is how you do the setup.

  • Firstly, you need to pump up the mid-range frequencies more than anything. Otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy any pop songs.
  • When you’re done tweaking the setting, try to enhance the low, mid-range, and high-mid ranges a bit. While doing it, you don’t need to get overboard.

3. Bass Setting for Rock Music

From AC/DC to Air Supply, we love to enjoy a little rock from time to time. And if you want to sing living’ on prayer out load, you should enhance the equalizer according to the genre.

  • To enjoy your rock songs to the fullest, you have to enhance every frequency.
  • Now tweak the mid-frequency a little bit. Try to maintain the classic rock curve during this setting.

4. Bass Setting for Bass Music

I know, you must be thinking that the Bass isn’t a genre technically, so why are we mentioning this setting? Well, while listening to music on the ride, if you want to max up the Bass, this is the setting you need.

  • Firstly, you have to increase the lower frequency to the maximum number.
  • While enhancing the lower frequency at least up to 500Hz, make sure every other frequency is flat.

When you are done with this tuning, you can listen to your song and check if it sounds right. You should probably adjust the Bass according to the genre if it doesn’t. Moreover, you can get an amp or subwoofer for more enhanced sound quality.

How to Do the Best Equalizer Setting for the Kenwood Stereos?

Best Equalizer Setting for the Kenwood Stereos

If you don’t want to tweak the Bass but the whole equalizer system, you should try this equalizer setting we’re about to recommend. Let’s take a look at that step-by-step guide.

Step One : Keep Your Car Stable

Before equalizing your Kenwood stereo, you need to park your car in a safe place. The tuning is a time-consuming process, and you have to listen to the music in a stable situation. Hence, you should try the equalizer setting on a parked car.

Step Two : Try Different Frequencies

Now turn on the audio system, play some music on it, and try different frequencies while doing so. This way, you’ll figure out which set the songs sound the best.

While doing that always keep the Bass on the mid-level, tweak the treble and the mid. If there’s any problem with the sound, you can increase or decrease the treble according to the tunes.

Step Three : Set up the Speakers

When you’ve tried different frequencies and found the most suitable setting, it is time to balance the speakers. Set up the fade control of both speakers so that the sounds are obliged to come from the front speakers only.

Final Step : Listen to your Music

After doing all the tuning and balancing, you need to play your songs now! If it needs any tweaking, try a little bit more tuning until you get the right setting.

Well, this is how you regulate the Kenwood radio bass setting. This procedure asks for many trials and an error to get the right settings after a few tries.

The Bottom Line

Wanted to learn how to adjust the Bass on the Kenwood car stereo? Hopefully, you’ve got your answers. Everyone has their unique genre and ears; therefore, your friend’s stereo may not sound the best for you.

So try to do the settings according to your preference, and the world will be peachy again!

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