How To Delete Bluetooth Device from Kenwood Stereo

When too many devices are connected with your Kenwood car stereo, you will fail to pair another one. 

Therefore, it is important to learn how to delete Bluetooth device from Kenwood stereo.

And so, we’ve prepared this detailed write-up that will guide you through the whole procedure without any confusion. Once you learn how to delete devices from Kenwood radio, you’ll be able to repeat the process as much as you like.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into that part right away!

How To Delete A Paired Bluetooth Device from Your Kenwood Stereo

The process of deleting a paired Bluetooth device from your Kenwood audio system is pretty simple. Here’s how you do it.

Step One : Access the Bluetooth Option

First of all, turn on your Kenwood stereo and select the BT Mode. When the Bluetooth options show up, you need to rotate the knob on your stereo unit and select the choices.

Step Two : Select the Paring Options

Once you start to browse the Bluetooth menu by rotating the knobs, you’ll see a PAIRING option. When you find it, press the knob to pick that choice.

Final Step : Delete a Device

If you click on the PAIRING option, you will see several selections in front of you. Now use the volume know and pick the DELETE DEVICE choice. Select the specific name and press the knob to delete the list when the list shows up.

Well, that’s how it is done!

How To Connect Bluetooth Devices to My Kenwood Stereo?

Connecting Bluetooth Devices to  Kenwood Stereo

You can add a new device to your stereo after you’ve deleted the paired ones. Let’s walk you through the procedure, shall we?

Step One – Turn On the Bluetooth

By pressing the volume knob, access the Bluetooth option of your stereo. And then, search for your device to get connected. In this step, make sure that the Bluetooth option of your phone or other devices is turned on and visible for pairing.

Step Two – Get Connected

When the search is completed, your device will tell you that the stereo is trying to connect via Bluetooth. Just press okay, and your device will get connected to your Kenwood car stereo.

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How Do I Reset My Kenwood Car Stereo?

If the Bluetooth on any other feature on your Kenwood stereo isn’t working properly, you can try to reset the system for a better experience. Don’t worry; we’ll tell you how to do that!

Step One : Press Two Buttons Simultaneously

Firstly, find the eject CD and the volume key on your car stereo. Now, press these buttons together. 

Step Two : Let the System Reboot

When you keep the buttons pressed, you will see that the audio system is rebooting. While the system is restarting, don’t let go of the buttons, it’s crucial to keep in mind.

Final Step : Enjoy the Reset

When the resetting process is done, your problems will hopefully be solved. However, after performing this procedure, your stereo will go back to default settings, so you have to customize the whole thing from scratch!

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The Bottom Line

So here is everything you need to know about how to delete Bluetooth devices from Kenwood stereo. As it is no rocket science, you can start doing it without hesitation. Just trust the process we explained here, and the whole experience will be effortless.

Helpful Guide For Kenwood Users:

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