Why Is CarPlay Volume Low? 3 Steps To Make It Louder

Many users frequently inquire about the reasons behind the low volume of Apple CarPlay on various online forums and community support websites. The concerns typically revolve around the music, call, notification, and navigation volumes.

So, why is your CarPlay volume low? The low volume of CarPlay can be attributed to its settings. To increase the volume, you have two options: adjust the volume settings on your iPhone or utilize the car’s volume controls while driving. 

If you observe a difference in volume between calls and the radio, you can make adjustments through the app settings on your phone. 

This article will explain why CarPlay volume is low and provides three practical steps to make it louder.

Why Is CarPlay Volume Low? 3 Steps To Make It Louder

The issue of low volume in CarPlay often arises due to two main factors: manual adjustment settings and the low voice mode. 

When users experience a lack of volume, the volume setting is likely configured to “no voice.” 

The manual adjustment settings play a crucial role in CarPlay volume control. Users can adjust the volume levels on their iPhones or through the car’s volume controls. 

If these settings are set too low, it can lead to a perceived low volume output. By making necessary adjustments to these settings and increasing the volume, users can enhance the audio experience during CarPlay usage.

The low voice mode can also contribute to the issue of low volume. The volume of voice commands reduces when this mode is enabled. 

Turning off the low voice mode or adjusting the volume settings can rectify this issue and ensure more audible voice commands.

3 Steps to Make Your CarPlay Volume Louder

The following are three steps to make your CarPlay volume louder:

Method 1: Adjusting the Volume

Adjusting the call volume on CarPlay is simple. Make adjustments before initiating or receiving a call to avoid potentially awkward situations where you must explain volume-related issues to the person on the other end.

To adjust the call volume in CarPlay, you can follow the steps outlined below:

  • Begin by accessing the call settings on your iPhone. This can be done by tapping on the Phone app or going into the Settings app and locating the Phone settings.
  • You can adjust the volume level once you are in the call settings. This can be achieved by sliding the volume control slider up or down or using the physical volume buttons on your iPhone, depending on the specific model and settings.
  • Testing the volume settings by having someone call you or initiate a test call is advisable. This will allow you to determine if the volume level suits your needs.
  • If the volume is too low during the test call, you can repeat step 2 to adjust the volume further until you achieve the desired sound level.

While adjusting call volume in CarPlay is straightforward, there might be slight variations in the steps depending on the specific platform or version of CarPlay you are using. 

However, the fundamental concept of accessing call settings and adjusting the volume remains consistent across different platforms.

Method 2: Increasing Voice Command Volume (Apple CarPlay Maps)

If your CarPlay volume is low, you may need to increase the voice command volume. Take the following steps to increase the volume of Google Maps on Apple CarPlay: 

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone. A gear icon usually represents this app and can be found on your home screen.
  • Within the Settings menu, locate the “Maps” option. Tap on it to access the Maps settings.
  • Once you’re in the Maps settings, look for the “Driving and Navigation” section. Tap on it to proceed.
  • Within the “Driving and Navigation” section, you will find the “Navigation Voice Volume” option. This is the setting that controls the volume specifically for navigation instructions.
  • Tap on “Navigation Voice Volume” to access the volume settings. Here, you will be presented with different options for volume levels.
  • Choose your preferred volume setting by selecting “normal” or “high.” This will adjust the volume of the navigation voice during CarPlay usage.
  • After selecting, exit the Settings app and test the new volume settings using Google Maps on Apple CarPlay. Adjust the volume further, if necessary, until you achieve the desired audio output level.

By following these steps, you can effectively increase the volume of Google Maps through Apple CarPlay on your iPhone.

Method 3: Increasing Siri Volume on Apple CarPlay

When your CarPlay volume is low that Siri’s voice is not audible, you will increase the sound with the following steps:

  • Open a CarPlay-compatible app that utilizes Siri’s voice, such as Google Maps or any other app that prompts Siri to speak.
  • Wait for Siri to initiate speech or respond to a command. This is important because the volume adjustment specifically applies to Siri’s voice.
  • Once Siri starts speaking, use the radio controls in your vehicle to increase the volume. These controls are typically located on the dashboard or steering wheel.
  • After adjusting the volume, wait for Siri to speak again. This allows you to assess whether the volume level fits your preferences.
  • Check whether the volume is at the desired level. If it’s too low, repeat the previous steps to fine-tune the volume settings until you achieve the desired balance.
  • To ensure that the volume settings are saved and retained for future use, restart your vehicle and close the CarPlay interface.
  • Once your vehicle has restarted, open CarPlay again and verify if the volume settings have been successfully saved.

It’s worth noting that this method is effective specifically when Siri is actively speaking. By adjusting the volume during Siri’s speech, you can fine-tune the Siri volume without altering the volume of other audio sources, such as radio or music playback.

This flexibility allows you to customize the volume levels to suit your preferences, whether you prefer a softer Siri voice with louder music or vice versa. 

Following these steps, you can easily adjust the Siri volume within the CarPlay interface for a more personalized and balanced audio experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do CarPlay and Other Audio Sources Have Different Volume Levels?

CarPlay and other audio sources have different volume levels because CarPlay has unique audio processing algorithms and settings specially designed for it. 

CarPlay is made to work well with your car’s sound system, so it might sound quieter compared to other things you listen to.

Can I Adjust the Volume Settings to Make CarPlay Louder?

Certainly! You can increase the volume of CarPlay by adjusting the volume controls on your iPhone or using the dedicated car volume controls while driving. 

By appropriately adjusting these settings, you can boost the audio output to a more satisfying level.

Could Specific Apps or Navigation Programs Affect the Low Volume Issue in CarPlay?

While specific apps or navigation programs are unlikely to cause low volume in CarPlay directly, some apps may have volume settings that can impact the audio output. 

Exploring the settings within individual apps or navigation programs can help ensure that their volume settings are correctly configured for optimal sound levels.

How Can I Address the Volume Difference Between Calls and Other Audio Sources in CarPlay?

Suppose you notice a discrepancy in volume levels between calls and other audio sources in CarPlay. In that case, it is recommended to adjust the volume settings within the app settings on your phone. 

You can fine-tune the volume by accessing the specific app settings and making necessary modifications to achieve a more consistent audio experience.

Does CarPlay Have a “Low Voice Mode” That Might Contribute to the Low Volume Issue?

CarPlay includes a “low voice mode” that reduces the volume of voice commands. If enabled, it can result in a quieter audio output. 

To address this, you can turn off the low voice mode within the CarPlay settings or adjust the volume settings within the corresponding app to ensure more audible voice commands.

Can External Factors Like Car Audio System Settings or Connectivity Issues Impact the Volume in CarPlay?

While external factors such as car audio system settings or connectivity issues can affect the volume in CarPlay, they are typically not the primary cause of the low volume issue. 

Ensure that your car’s audio system settings are correctly configured and that no connectivity problems could impact the volume output.

Are Any Software Updates or Firmware Upgrades Available to Resolve the Low Volume Problem in CarPlay?

Apple regularly releases software updates that include bug fixes and improvements, which can address issues related to CarPlay, including low volume. 

Keeping your iPhone and CarPlay system updated with the latest software versions is recommended to take advantage of any enhancements that may resolve the low volume problem.

Is There a Recommended Troubleshooting Procedure if Adjusting the Settings Doesn’t Resolve the Low-Volume Issue?

If you have followed the volume adjustment steps and the volume in CarPlay remains low, performing a troubleshooting procedure is advisable. 

This may involve restarting your iPhone, disconnecting and reconnecting the CarPlay connection, or resetting the CarPlay system settings. 

Consulting the user manual or contacting the manufacturer’s support can provide further guidance on troubleshooting specific to your CarPlay system.


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