How to Update Apple CarPlay – 5 Step Guide

Car owners often find issues like compatibility with Apple CarPlay. In most cases, knowing how to update Apple CarPlay, and updating to the latest version fixes the problem.

You only need to have your iPhone next to you and use it to update to the latest iOS version. Then Apple CarPlay will be updated to the latest version as well.

This article tells you about the step-by-step process for updating CarPlay.

What Do I Need to Update Apple CarPlay in My Car?

Updates related to Apple CarPlay in your car don’t require the use of the software in your car. Instead, you will need your iPhone to be able to update Apple CarPlay to its latest firmware.

As your car is not manufactured by Apple itself, updates for Apple CarPlay are not available directly in your car system. With every iOS update to your iPhone firmware, the Apple CarPlay gets updated as well. 

Meaning if your Apple devices are up to date with the latest updates, then it will be the same for the Apple CarPlay in your car too.

Update Apple CarPlay in 5 Easy Steps

There is no direct option to update Apple CarPlay on your car. But don’t worry, these steps are really easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Open Device Settings

First, search for the settings app on your Apple device and open it.

2. Select CarPlay

From the settings app, go to the general options and look for a sub-option named CarPlay there.

3. Search for the ‘Forget this car’ Option

Once you have selected CarPlay, you will see a lot of new options pop up. From there, you will want to search for the sub-option ‘Forget this car.’

Select it, and you will be asked for confirmation. Confirm and continue with the process.

4. Restarting Your Car

The next step is to restart your car after removing your car from the system.

This allows the deletion of any unwanted existing data from the system which might interfere with updating Apple CarPlay.

5. Updating Apple CarPlay

After everything has been completed, this is the final step.

You will need your Apple device and a lightning cord to connect your device to your car.

First, see if there is any new update for your Apple device. If the firmware is not up to date, you have to update it first.

If it is updated to the latest version, you connect your device to the car using the lightning cord.

When the device is connected, you will get the necessary notifications suggesting that you enable Apple CarPlay. Read them carefully and confirm to update Apple CarPlay to its latest version.

If you follow the steps mentioned above thoroughly, it should be a ride in the park for you to update Apple CarPlay.

What Is the Latest Version of Apple CarPlay?

The latest version of Apple CarPlay was released with the next generation iOS16. Apple introduced this update as the next generation of Apple CarPlay. Alongside some new cool features, already existing features have been updated for a smoother experience too.

New Siri features have been added, maps have been enhanced to look better, and communication has become easier than before.

You can also change the wallpapers on your car stereo. These subtle changes have really elevated the user experience.

Some of the other changes that stand out in the latest update are mentioned below:

Long Awaited ‘Add Stop’ Is Feature Added to Maps

Apple CarPlay users have been asking for this feature for a long time, and finally, it has been implemented into the system.

After lots of requests to “add stop” to locations like Google Maps, Apple has added it to their maps too. This means you no longer have to switch to Google Maps for this feature.

New Refreshing Looks for Apple CarPlay Interface

Along with existing wallpapers and themes, new ones have been added to give you a variety of interfaces to choose from.

Though Apple has added only 3 wallpapers, still at least they thought of the interface after so long. So that’s a positive indication of future updates.     

Library Tab Gets Added for Better Arrangement of Apps

This is a good addition for those people who always wanted to keep their apps arranged in different sections. Besides, the UI for the podcasts section has been revamped too, which looks fairly decent now.

With all the noticeable changes mentioned, this has been a big update on improving the existing features.

Plus, Apple has teased quite a few new exciting features, like making Apple CarPlay the core interface of your car’s stereo.

With all the glimpses of all the upcoming updates, it’s no exaggeration to say that the future of Apple CarPlay looks super promising. There might even be cars manufactured by Apple coming on their way.

A Look at the Past Updates for Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay was released alongside iOS version 8, and since then, Apple has added new features for convenience and fixed bugs that came with the new features in every update.

Here’s an update-based changes overview for you –

iOS 8 – The function to connect devices to Apple CarPlay wirelessly was added.

iOS 9 – Audio messages can be played now in your car and optimized for Apple music.

iOS 10 Shortcuts for apps could be created to gain access to them easily. Frequently played music also appeared on the home screen for repeating without hassle.

iOS 11 No new features were added, but this update served as a fix for a lot of reported bugs. After this update, Apple CarPlay was a lot smoother than previous versions.

iOS 12 After a lot of requests, Apple finally added support for third-party apps like Google Maps for better navigation besides the integrated Apple Maps software.

iOS 13 The significant change is the complete revamp of the interface for Apple CarPlay. New apps were added, like Apple News and Calendar. For focusing while driving ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode for blocking calls was also added.

­iOS 14 While Siri already existed for Apple CarPlay, it wasn’t of much use due to its limitations. So, this update mainly focused on adding new features for Siri and improving its experience. Besides, Japanese and Chinese language support was added for the keyboard.

iOS 15 Apple Maps was improved with new features, and third-party apps-related bugs were fixed.


Updating Apple CarPlay might seem tedious when there is no direct option for updates in your car.

But if you follow the steps accurately mentioned in this article on how to update Apple CarPlay, you should have no problem updating it a second time.

While the update process is simple and easy, it has stayed the same since its base version.

So, if you know the process, it will help you with future updates too. Hope this article fulfilled all your needs. Have a nice day.

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