4 Reasons Why Apple CarPlay Keeps Disconnecting and How to Fix Them

It’s quite frustrating when you are on the way somewhere, and your Apple CarPlay doesn’t connect. Sometimes there is just one, and sometimes there are several reasons why Apple CarPlay keeps disconnecting.

In most cases, it might be your car’s compatibility, region, connectivity, and iOS issues.

4 Reasons and Fixes for Apple CarPlay Disconnection Problems

Followings are the most common causes for disconnecting issues:

1. Vehicle and Region Compatibility

There can be two issues when it comes to the compatibility. One is when your vehicle doesn’t support CarPlay, and the other is when your country or region doesn’t support it.

Checking your vehicle’s Apple CarPlay compatibility first would be a wise decision before you diagnose the issue further.

Be sure that your specific car model, country, or region supports Apple Carplay.


You can check this list to find out if your vehicle model is suitable for it.

2. Connectivity

No matter how many times you have connected it right, it may still be possible that the connection is loose.

Checking the USB cable and port might solve the problem because sometimes the cable is broken or the port is wrong.

Change the cable and try again. Always use the cable that comes with your iPhone. If you use an aftermarket cable, make sure it’s a good-quality one.

Another thing is when you connect the cable, the screen shows, “Would you like to use Apple CarPlay with this device?

Here, if you select any of these options, “No” or “Don’t ask anymore” the Apple CarPlay won’t initiate further.


To reconnect, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your car’s Settings> General> CarPlay> Choose Your Car> Then Choose Reconnect.
  2. There is another option that says, “Allow CarPlay while your phone is locked.” Turn ON this option. Otherwise, the CarPlay won’t work when your iPhone is locked.
  3. Restricted apple CarPlay on your phone can also be one of the reasons as well. To solve this problem, you have to go to your Settings> Screen time> Content and Privacy Restrictions> and then Allow your CarPlay app.

If the connection is wireless, make sure there is nothing that can prevent proper connection. Take a look at the phone’s Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Airplane mode, and other network modes.

3. Outdated OS Version

Not updating the iOS is another reason why your CarPlay is not working. The updates are essential for Apple CarPlay to run properly.


Download and install newer iOS updates. If the automatic update option is turned OFF, then you should do it manually yourself every time when a new update is released.

The updating process is very simple.

Head over to Settings> Go down to General> Tap on Software Update. It will show you whether you need an update or not. Once you update your OS, make sure to update Apple CarPlay as well.

4. Siri is Turned off

Make sure that Siri is enabled on your phone. Siri is the voice command system of Apple CarPlay.

So, disabling Siri can be one of the reasons your apple CarPlay is not connecting. 


Without the voice assistant Siri, the Apple CarPlay won’t probably even launch.

To make this work, go to the Settings> Siri and Search> Allow the Options which are needed.

Try the Following Fixes If Above Fixes Don’t Work

In addition to the given solutions, here are some of the available fixing options that should solve the connection problem for random issues:


Rebooting your phone is one of the best options to go with the first time.


Try connecting manually if your CarPlay doesn’t connect automatically. You can go to Settings> CarPlay> Select Your Phone> Reset The Connection.

Factory Data Reset and Power Data Reset

If you have no major issues in resetting your device, then it’s a good option to have a new start.

Disabling Equalizer

Go to Settings> Music> Eq> Off. Lastly, restart your iPhone and reconnect the Apple CarPlay again to test it out.  

Turn off or Set It to Automatic Dolby Atmos

Start by opening Settings> Music> Dolby Atmos> Select Automatic or Off.

Then reboot your iPhone and see if the Apple CarPlay disconnects again or not.

Reinstall Apple CarPlay

Shut the engine of the car off. Then go to Settings> General> CarPlay> Select Your Car> Forget This Car.

After some moments, turn on the car and try connecting again to your Apple CarPlay.

Connect the Apple CarPlay to the Right Vehicle

Typically, just search the CarPlay option on your phone and verify you have selected the right car.

You might have connected the Apple CarPlay to another car before. You may not remember.

Troubleshoot and Try With Another Device

Troubleshooting and trying again could be another option. If the troubleshooting doesn’t find any problems, try with another iPhone from your friend or family.

Double-check with both the wired and wireless connection systems to see if other phones connect.

There might be some third-party case blocking the port from connecting properly.

To Sum Up

Sometimes the problem is one and easy to find, but sometimes there is more than one problem, and very hard to recognize.

Once you diagnose and recognize the reasons why Apple CarPlay keeps disconnecting, addressing the issues becomes simpler.  

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