How To Remove JVC Car Stereo with Keys And without Keys?

If you ever have to check the wiring or replace your JVC car stereo, you will have to remove the whole unit. Therefore, you should learn how to remove it when the time comes!

Well, there are two methods you can use in general when removing the units; detach the audio system with keys and without keys.

And to help you with the task, we’ve prepared this guide on how to remove JVC car stereo with keys and without keys. So without wasting much time, let’s get to learn all the juicy deets!

How To Remove JVC Car Stereo with Keys

At first, we will discuss removing JVC car stereos with keys. The procedure is pretty simple, so you don’t have to go through any extensive hassle at all.

Step One – Turn Off the Car

First of all, you have to turn off your vehicle which is quite obvious. If you try to remove the audio system without shutting it down, you may damage the whole audio unit and give yourself an electric shock, and you don’t want that.

Furthermore, to be on the safe side, you can get rid of the connection from the battery’s negative terminal.

Step Two – Remove the Frame

Now that you have turned off the stereo, it is time to remove the front frame. All you have to do is loosen the screws with a screwdriver, jiggle the frame a bit, and it will come off right away!

Step Three – Utilize the Removal

After getting rid of the front frame, it is time to use the JVC stereo removal keys. Take the keys and slide them into the small openings on both sides of the stereo. You may need to use some force while doing that.

When you insert the removal keys, the stereo will loosen up and easily come out of the dashboard.

Final Step – Take the Stereo Out

The moment you slide the keys in, be prepared to pull the keys as well. You have to pull both keys together using the same amount of force. In this way, the unit will come out pretty easily.

After removing the stereo from the dashboard, you have disconnected the wires. You can take out the whole unit and do whatever you want when you’re done with that.

How To Remove JVC Car Stereo without Keys

Well, we are done sharing the removal process of JVC stereos using the keys. Now it is time to give instructions on how you can remove JVC car stereo without keys.

Step One – Turn Off your Car

It is like the rule of thumb; you need to immobilize your car and remove the negative end of the battery before you start taking out the JVC stereo. In this way, you can avoid many accidents!

Step Two – Get Rid of the Front Frame

Even though you don’t have any keys, you need to remove the front panel to have full access to your stereo. Hence, get your toolbox, use the screwdriver and remove all the screws. When you finish this step, the frame will be detached in a breath.

Step Three – Take a Pair of Flat Apparatus

After removing the front panel, it is time for you to collect two flat tools. These apparatuses will act like removal keys. You can use two butter knives or flat screwdrivers for this procedure, whichever you prefer.

Step Four – Use the Flat Tools

Now, find out the side holes on your stereos and enter the flat tools simultaneously. You have to keep inserting the apparatus until you hear a click. If you get this kind of sound, it means that now you can take the stereo out of the dashboard.

Final Step – Remove the Stereo Unit

When you hear the click, pull out the flat tools, and your stereo unit will come off effortlessly. However, you may use a bit of force or jiggle the stereo. After taking out the unit, get rid of the wires, and your JVC stereo will be in your hand.

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How To Remove the Stereo Wires Safely?

After loosening the stereo unit, next thing you have to pull the stereo from the dashboard. But when you attempt to do that, you will see a cluster of wires attached to that. And if you try to pull them hard, you will damage the whole wiring system.

So the question is, how do you get rid of these wires without causing any harm? Well, that’s what we will discuss now.

Step One – Get to the Back End

After taking the stereo out of the dashboard, hold the unit with one hand and slide it left or right. This way, the back end will be exposed, and you will see where the wires originated from.

Step Two – Remove the Wires

When the back end is exposed, try to remove the wires from the binder one by one. If you pull two or more wires at a time, you will have to replace the wires. Thus, to avoid unnecessary wiring costs, try to be gentle while doing this task.

Final Step – Release the Stereo

After removing the wires gradually, your stereo will be free! And then, take it out, toss it in the recycle bin or sell it on eBay for whatever you want!

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How Much It Costs to Remove a Car Stereo?

If you are not good with tools and mechanical tasks, you may hire professionals to remove the car stereo. And that’s quite normal, to be honest.

A professional will charge you around $80 to $200 depending on the complexity of the tasks and some other factors. So if you want to save this money, you can try removing it by yourself; it is no rocket science!

The Bottom Line

So here’s everything about removing JVC car stereo with keys and without keys. You may find it a bit difficult while doing it for the first time, but it will become easier afterward. If you have to access the correct tools, the process will be more effortless; hopefully, you’ve got that fact by now!

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