How To Set Clock On JVC Car Stereo

You wanted to set a clock on your new JVC car stereo. But then you couldn’t do anything except scratching your head and pull your hair. The next thing you know you ended up damaging your car stereo.

Stop being depressed already! Get to know how to set the clock on JVC car stereo as we take you to a journey to a made-easy process. Follow these simple steps and you’ll know how to change time on jvc radio all by yourself.

Clock Setup

You’ll learn how to set the time on a JVC car stereo in this post. Note that the tutorial is not necessarily specific to any particular model. This guide is applicable for setting the clock on JVC car stereos. So no matter what model of car radio or stereo you own, you’ll be fine setting up the clock according to this guide.

Let’s dive into how to set clock on JVC radio or stereo in some simple steps.

9 Steps to Set Clock on JVC Car Stereo

9 Steps to Set Clock on JVC Car Stereo

Now it’s time for the JVC car stereo clock set up.

Step 1 : Turn on your car’s audio system

To begin, turn on your car’s stereo. We believe you are capable of doing so. So, we won’t be discussing these basic operations.

Turn it on in the usual manner. After the light blinks and it comes to operational mode, go to the next step of how to set the time on a JVC car stereo.

Step 2 : Locate the “Menu” button

The “Menu” button should be on the left side of your JVC car stereo. You can browse the stereo options by pressing and holding the menu button for three seconds. The options will be shown in the display of the stereo.

Step 3 : Find the Clock Option

After you’ve entered the menu section, you’ll need to turn the volume knob clockwise to move between each settings option. You are going to find the “clock” option after one or two turns, depending on your model.

Press the volume button now. Yes, you can press the volume knob as it is also a button.

Step 4 : Enter the Clock settings

Now you will find “Clock settings” written on display. Push the volume button again to enter the time editor shown on display. Now we’re one step closer to how to set the clock on a JVC car radio.

Step 5 : Adjust clock settings

After you have entered the editor mode, you will find the hour of your clock is blinking, meaning it can be adjusted. Now it’s time to change the hours and minutes of your car stereo.

Step 6 : Set the hours

After you’ve entered “CLOCK SET”, the hour parameter will be automatically blinking. So, to change that value, simply turn the volume knob on your stereo. Turn it right to increase the value. Turn left for the opposite. After you’ve got your desired value, press the volume knob again.

Step 7 : Set the minutes

Now you’ll see the minute value of your clock is blinking. So, follow the same thing. Turn the volume knob left or right to find your desired value. After adjusting it, press the volume knob again.

Step 8 : Exit the settings

After adjusting the hour and the minute of your clock, simply press the menu or the back button. And your changes will be saved.

If you didn’t know how to set clock on JVC car stereo before, congratulations! Now you know how to set clock on JVC car radio.

Step 9 : Check

You can restart your JVC car stereo to check if the edits were saved.

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Final Words

People who own a car with a JVC stereo and radio system should know how to set clock on it. If you want a correct time when you start your car, you need first to set up your current time zone.

Sometimes, people need to regularly change their clocks when traveling between multiple time zones on a long drive. They need to know how to change the time on a JVC car radio because of the frequent changes in time zones. And the instruction manual that the manufacturers will give you on how to change the time on a JVC car stereo may seem complicated to understand for some people. That is why we have put together this tutorial on how to adjust the clock on a JVC car radio.

Hopefully, this guide will give you the proper direction of how to change time on JVC car stereo in a step-by-step guided manner.

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