How To Reset Jvc Car Stereo | 3 Different Methods Resetting

When you have a JVC car stereo, you should learn how to reset it. You can solve tons of issues; hence, knowing the tricks will be super helpful if there is no one around it.

And so, to guide you through the process, we’ve discussed how to reset JVC car stereo. Here we’ll share multiple methods so you can troubleshoot the unit whenever you want.

If you want to reset your JVC audio unit, you can always check out the instruction manual. But the problem is that the manuals often come with difficult instruction and mechanical languages. Thus, some users may fail to troubleshoot their stereos.

But don’t worry; we’ll guide you through the process in detail, and we’ll keep the process simple. So let’s get to learn all the deets, shall we?

Method One: Reset JVC Single Din Car Stereo Using Buttons

This is one of the most popular ways to reset the JVC audio unit. And here’s how you complete the whole procedure.

Step One – Get Rid of the Front Panel

If you want to reset the stereo using the buttons, you need to remove the front panel first. Check the spot near the CD player when you’re done getting rid of the panel.

Step Two – Find Out the Button

While inspecting the spot near the CD panel, you will see a tiny button. It is the reset button of your JVC stereo.

Final Step – Reset the System

Now that you’ve found the button take something sharp and cylindrical. And with that sharp apparatus, press the button for a few seconds. When you do that, you will see that the audio system is rebooting.

If you follow this method, you need to make sure that the JVC stereo is turned on. Otherwise, this trick won’t work at all.

Method Two: JVC Single Din Car Radio Reset with the Power Button

This is the simplest method of resetting the JVC audio system.

Step One – Press Two Buttons Simultaneously

Firstly, find out your JVC audio unit’s “ON” button and the “Select” button. Now press these two buttons at the same time.

Step Two – Reset the System

Keep the buttons pressed for approximately six seconds. When holding down the buttons, the audio system will get a reset. However, do not press the button so hard. Otherwise, you will end up damaging the internal mechanism.

How To Reset Your JVC Double-DIN Car Stereo

If you are using a multimedia double-DIN receiver, you can try this method for resetting the system. And this is how to reset JVC radio.

Step One – Find out the Reset Hole

There’s a tiny reset hole on the faceplate in these multimedia receivers. Once you find it, you will need something sharp and slim such as a toothpick.

Step Two – Reset the System

Now take your sharp and long tool and insert it into the reset hole. When the stick reaches the stop, the system will reset the procedure. And while performing it, make sure there isn’t any USB device connected to the unit.

So if you were asking how to reset my JVC car stereo, here are your answers!

Things To Know While Resetting Your JVC Car Stereo

Resetting your JVC audio unit surely comes with some consequences. Therefore, before performing JVC radio reset, you need to be aware of the facts given below.

  • The moment you press the reset button, every setting you ever made on the stereo will go back to default. Meaning, when you perform a rest, it will go back to its factory setting, and you’ll have to set everything from scratch.
  • Once you reset your stereo, you need to fix the clock as well. That’s why; we’ve added the instructions here to set the time in your JVC radio without any issue.

When Should You Reset Your JVC Car Stereo?

There are plenty of issues that can make you reset your JVC Car stereo. For instance, if you have selected the wrong language, you won’t understand a thing on the system. In that case, you need to reset the system to go back to the default language.

Resetting the stereo is not a maintenance task that you’ll have to perform once in a while. When you suffer from a stereo issue, you can reset the system as it often solves the problem.

Here are the issues you can get rid of by resetting your JVC Stereo.

  • If you’ve picked the wrong language.
  • When a specific function isn’t working
  • If the CD player isn’t playing any CDs.
  • When the stereo fails to pair a Bluetooth device.
  • If the radio isn’t picking any signals
  • When the system isn’t getting tuned properly.

The Bottom Line

So here is everything you need to know about how to reset JVC car stereo. Now that you know about the process in detail, you can easily troubleshoot your car’s audio system; there’s no need for additional help at all!

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