Why Is Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth In My Car?

“Why is music not playing through Bluetooth in my car?” As odd as it may sound, maybe you turned down or muted the volume of your stereo, causing you not to hear the sound of your music.

Other possible reasons for this scenario include pairing issues, Bluetooth hardware version, and your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

Bluetooth connectivity is the commonest way to stream your favorite mixes through your car’s audio system while driving. Some car stereos come with more advanced tech that allows you to stream directly from supported platforms.

If you discover that your car can’t play back your songs via Bluetooth, this article explains the possible causes and solutions to try out.

Why Is My Music Not Playing Through Bluetooth in Car?

1. Pairing Issues

Maybe you took the wrong phone with you – not the one you’ve previously paired to the car’s stereo; so, you’re there expecting the streams from your device to play on your car’s stereo, while your device isn’t even connected.

Notwithstanding, it could be that your device is actually paired to the car’s stereo, but the pairing connection has been tampered with.


Check if the device you’re trying to use to play music across is actually paired to your car’s stereo. If not paired, that’s the cause. You have to pair the device first before trying again.

To pair a new device, open your phone’s Bluetooth setting, switch your car stereo’s playback mode to “BLUETOOTH” then use your phone to search for the stereo and complete the pairing.

If the device has been paired to the car stereo previously, you need to “Forget” it and pair it again. To do this, open your device’s Bluetooth settings, tap on your car’s stereo Bluetooth name, and choose “Forget” it, then try re-pairing both devices again. If the device successfully pairs again, the issue should be fixed.

2. Volume is Down or Muted

Yes, as awkward as it may sound, you might have just turned down (or muted) your car’s stereo volume to the lowest, or maybe not you, but someone else did that.

Apparently, when the volume is down to zero, even if you increase your device’s volume to the highest, you won’t hear a sound playback from your car’s audio system.


Simply check the volume level, if it’s down to zero, turn it back up to your desired level. Also, check if your device is in DND mode or if the volume is turned down too.

If the two devices’ volume is not turned down or sounds muted, then you should check out other solutions explained further in this article.

3. You’re Not on Bluetooth Mode

To play sounds wirelessly from your mobile device to your car’s stereo audio system, you must be in Bluetooth mode.

So, you should confirm if the stereo is toggled to Bluetooth mode and also ensure that your device’s Bluetooth is turned on. If you’re not in Bluetooth mode, there’s no way your phone will connect wirelessly to your car’s audio system.


It’s simple, put the stereo into Bluetooth mode and turn on Bluetooth connectivity on your device. Also, ensure that your device’s Bluetooth is connected to the car’s stereo (it could connect to another of your BT device in range).

So, you should confirm that the connection is between the two devices (your mobile phone and your car’s stereo).

4. Bluetooth Version Conflicts

Bluetooth technology has advanced in many ways over the years. Thus, there are different Bluetooth versions – ranging from version 1.0 to the most recent version 5.0.

Maybe your car stereo supports version 5.0, and your device’s BT version is an old one (v3.0 or older) – in such a case, you’d always have connectivity issues.


Ascertain the Bluetooth versions of both your devices and confirm if they are compatible and capable of streaming wirelessly. If your device uses an older version, you’d either have to get a newer model device or see if you can upgrade the BT version via OTA updates.

5. Firmware or Software Issues

Another common cause of Bluetooth connection issues is firmware or software problems. When was the last time you upgraded your car’s infotainment firmware?

If it’s been long you did that, who knows, that could be the cause of the connectivity issue. It is advisable to always keep your device’s firmware updated.


Look out for the newest firmware version and download it on your device. If your car uses a smart stereo system, update the software to the newest version and that could fix everything at once.

6. Use AUX as the Alternative

Well, the issue might be a very technical one that may require external help from the stereo manufacturer or a professional auto technician.

If this is the case, it means your car’s stereo won’t be able to playback audio via Bluetooth until the technical error is fixed – you may even end up getting a new head unit in most cases.


In the meantime, while your car’s stereo can’t work with Bluetooth, you can use AUX as your input choice and still enjoy superb quality audio feedback. Aux cables are pretty affordable and easy to connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Low Battery Cause Bluetooth Playback Issues?

This is not always the case, but sometimes, if your device’s battery is “very low” – maybe down to 10 or 5 percent, it may not connect via Bluetooth or allow you to stream wirelessly. So, you’d need to charge the phone to a reasonable battery level, then retry and see if the issue persists.

How to Stop My Phone from Connecting to Other Bluetooth Devices?

Your phone keeps connecting to other BT devices in range because you had earlier paired it to those devices.

So, to stop your phone from connecting to some particular Bluetooth devices, simply go to your phone’s Bluetooth setting and “unpair” (forget/disconnect) all those devices you don’t want to automatically connect to again. You can always pair back those devices again.

Why is The Bluetooth in My Iphone Connected But Not Playing Music in My Car?

A simple restart can fix everything back up. Restart your iPhone and also restart your car’s stereo (turn off the car and turn it back on). If the issue persists, unpair your iPhone from your car and pair it again.


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