How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine Stereo

One of the most incredible facts about Alpine stereos is that they come with a built-in Bluetooth receiver. Therefore, you can accept and make calls whenever you want, and the audio will be played through the speaker.

But some of you don’t know how to connect Bluetooth to Alpine stereo. Well, we’ve prepared this guide just for you!

4 General Steps To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine Stereo

The benefit of the hands-free feature has no limit! It allows you to stay focused on the road and keep driving flawlessly while talking. Moreover, you don’t have to skip any important calls because of safety protocols. And that’s just the best of both worlds!

If you want to enjoy all these perks, you need to know how to connect to Alpine Bluetooth. So without wasting much time, let’s get step by step instructions right away.

Step One – Press the Setup Button

The first step to connect to Alpine stereo Bluetooth is to hold the button that says “Sounds” or “Setup”. Keep the button pressed for two seconds until you see the setup menu on the screen.

Step Two – Turn off the INT Mute

When the setup menu comes up on the screen, twist the rotary knob until an “INT Mute” option appears on display. If you see this option, press the Play/Pause/ ENT button.

Now turn off the “INT Mute” option and hold the “Mute” key to return to the preceding screen.

Step Three – Twist the Rotary Knob

After turning off the “INT Mute”, keep twisting the rotary knob until you see the “BT IN” option on the display. If you see it, hit the Play/Pause/ ENT button, and a setup option will appear.

When it happens, change the setting to “BT adapter”, then hit the “Mute” button once again to return to the prior screen.

After doing that, there is one more thing to do. Keep turning the knob, and you will see the “Visible M” option on the display. Press the Play/ENT button and alter the setting to “VISI M ON” when you see it. Now hit the Mute button to return to the prev screen.

Step FourPair your Devices

Now take your device and select the Bluetooth pair mode and look for the Alpine stereo Bluetooth. If the stereo has got your device’s range, it will show you a PIN code.

And then, all you have to do is type the PIN code on your device and get connected with the Alpine head unit.

Well, if you want to know how to pair Alpine Bluetooth, this is the way you do it!

How to connect Bluetooth to your Alpine iLX-W650

To connect Bluetooth to your Alpine iLX-W650

  • Touch [Search] on the Bluetooth Setup Menu screen. The Bluetooth devices that can be searched are displayed in a list.
  • Touch the device you want to connect from the list.
  • 3 When the device registration is complete, a message appears and the device returns to normal mode

How To Connect Bluetooth To Alpine UTE-73bt

The method of pairing Bluetooth devices to Alpine stereos can also depend on the model of the head unit. And one of the most popular stereos by this brand is the UTE-73bt Unit.

So if you own this model, you may want to know how to pair Bluetooth to Alpine UTE-73bt. We will take you through the process right away!

  • Firstly, turn on the Bluetooth option of your device and go to the pairing mode and search for available devices.
  • When the Alpine stereo shows up on your phone, select the option to pair up.
  • Now twist the knob encoder of your UTE-73bt stereo and select the “PAIR YES” option and hit ENTER.
  • After that, the two devices will be connected via Bluetooth. And that’s all you need to do.
Connecting Bluetooth To Alpine UTE-73bt

How To Connect Bluetooth To CDE-143bt

The Alpine CDE-143bt Bluetooth pairing is quite similar to the UTE-73bt. Let us tell you about that.

  • At first, take your Bluetooth compatible and search for a pair. If the Alpine CD receiver or Alpine NAVI option appears, select it.
  • After that, a PIN code will come up on your stereo’s screen.
  • Now look at your Bluetooth compatible device and enter the code.
  • If you apply the PIN correctly, both of the devices will get connected immediately.

How to Delete Bluetooth Device From Alpine CDE-172BT

To delete a Bluetooth device from Alpine CDE-172BT, press and hold the audio set-up button for 3 seconds, rotate the volume knob to select Bluetooth and press enter. Next, rotate the volume knob to select paired device and press enter. The paired device will be highlighted, press enter to select. Finally, rotate the volume knob to select clear and press enter, then rotate the volume knob to select yes, and press enter.

Connecting Bluetooth To CDE-143bt

What To Do If Alpine Radio Bluetooth Not working

Every gadget in the world comes with perks and cons, and these Alpine media devices aren’t any exception. And suppose you have problems like Alpine radio Bluetooth not working.

In that case, you should check the “Paired Device List” before anything else. When this list is full, you will have frequent connectivity issues.

And here’s how you solve the most common Alpine car stereo Bluetooth problems.

  • Firstly, hit the audio button and keep it pressed for at least three seconds. And then, the “Setup” option will appear when you see it; press ENTER.
  • After that, use the volume keys, select the “PAIRED DEVICE” option and hit ENTER.
  • Now you will see the names of every paired device, and using the volume keys; you need to press “CLEAR”. You have to repeat the process a few times if you have too many devices paired with the stereo.
  • When you are done, press the audio button again for three seconds. And after seeing the EXIT option, hit ENTER to get out.

What if you’re still experiencing streaming or connection issues after clearing memory?

If you’re still having trouble with Bluetooth pairing, it’s possible you may need to do a software update on the radio or a software update on your phone. If you haven’t restarted your phone in a while, it’s a good idea to try just restarting your phone. Make sure the operating system and all of your apps are up to date on your phone. If you’re having trouble with one particular app, try deleting the app and reinstalling it.

The Bottom Line

Alpine car audio systems are known for their reliable service and user-friendly features. And this brand has been incredibly popular among vehicle owners over decades!

If you are just trying out Alpine stereos, you may feel some difficulties understanding the manual. But now that we’ve told you how to connect Bluetooth to Alpine stereo, there’s one less headache for you!

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