How To Reset Alpine Ilx-W650

After getting a brand new car stereo, it is quite natural to feel curious about it. And while exploring the options, we may tap on the wrong settings. That will make our stereos sound terrible; there’s no doubt that!

Don’t worry; it can happen to anyone or any alpine car stereo, such as the Alpine Ilx-W650. But you can easily fix it and make everything alright! All you have to do is to reset the audio system.

Now the question is how to reset Alpine Ilx-W650? Well, that’s what this article is all about!

4 Steps To Reset Alpine Ilx-W650

Here is detail instruction on how to reset the Alpine Ilx-W650 car audio system. The procedure is quite simple so that anyone can do that without any trouble.

Step: One

First of all, turn on the audio system. After that, press the home button to see all the options.

Step: Two

When the home screen appears, tap on the Gear/Settings sign, and many setting options will come into view. And from those options, you need to click on the “General” section.

Step: Three

After clicking on the “General” tab, you will see some more choices. Just scroll down, and there will be an “About” option.

Step: Four

In the about section, you will get to see all the information about your stereo setting. Below everything, there will be an option named “Clear All the Settings”, now it is time to tap that.

Once you select this tab, your stereo will be reset, and you can start with a clean canvas.

How To Install Alpine Stereo

Well, you can consider this as a bonus tip. If you are a DIY lover, this section will help you while mounting Alpine Ilx-W650.

Step: 1

Firstly, you will have to match up the wires, and you can use the wiring diagram of your car and the Alpine audio system. And then plug the wiring harness connectors into the outlets. These outlets will be located on the right side of your stereo’s rear panel.

Step: 2

Now you have to insert the stereo head unit into the stereo installation sleeve. And make sure it is locked into its place. When you are done with that, just leave the detachable face on the unit.

And while inserting it into the dash, do not push it too hard. Otherwise, the stereo will hit the dashboard dock.

Final Step

After placing the battery cable clamp on the negative terminal, you have to fasten the bolt with the help of a wrench. When done with that, just secure the wire to the connected battery lead and close the hood. And that’s how you finish the installation process.

installing an alpine car stereo

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have got all the information on how to reset Alpine Ilx-W650. As the procedure is super simple, you can do it whenever you want if any problem occurs while playing music on your car’s audio system. And that’s all we need to enjoy our car rides to the fullest!

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