How To Clear Bluetooth Memory On Pioneer Radio?

To add new devices to the system, sometimes it is necessary to clear Bluetooth memory or old unpair devices from the Pioneer radio. Now, many questions might arise for you.

And if you are looking for an answer to how to clear Bluetooth memory on Pioneer radio, this article will show you the simplest way to do it.

Steps Required to Clear Bluetooth Memory

Before we talk about the steps, there are 2 types of Pioneer radios: the old Pioneer version and the new pioneer version. This article will cover both of them.

For Old Pioneer Radios

You will need to follow the following steps to clear Bluetooth Memory on the old Pioneer radio:

Step 1 – Boot Up the Pioneer Radio

Old Pioneer radios don’t have fancy benefits like the new Pioneer radios. You have to turn it on by pressing its switch, and once you have done so, you will notice the LED light turn on too on your system.

Step 2 – Entering Demo Mode

There is no direct way to clear Bluetooth memory on old versions of Pioneer radio. You have to reset the whole system fully to get rid of existing memory. For that, you have to get access to demo mode on your device.

To turn on demo mode, simply press the SRC button next to your radio. Holding the button for a few seconds will allow you to enter demo mode.

Step 3 – Reset the Existing Memory

Once you have access to the demo mode, you will need to scroll down until you find a sub-option named “System Reset.” Press it and confirm the process to reset the system.

For New Pioneer Radios

We will go on the steps required to clear Bluetooth Memory on the new Pioneer radio below.

Step 1 – Turning on the System

To turn on the radio, simply press the power button on your car device.

Step 2 – Open the Settings Option on Your Device

Next, look for the settings icon on your device and open it. Here you have to look for another option named Bluetooth configuration.

Step 3 – Accessing the Bluetooth Configuration Menu

The Bluetooth icon in the settings screen is the Bluetooth configuration menu. You will find it at the bottom of the settings page with other options. Once you find it, access the menu.

Step 4 – Deleting Existing Bluetooth Memory

When you are in the configuration menu, you have to look for an option named “Bluetooth Memory Clear.”

Once you find it, you are all set to go. Click on it, and a prompt saying “Clear” will pop up.

Pressing “Clear” will delete all paired devices and existing memory on your device, allowing you to pair new devices.

The process might take some time, and a message saying “Cleared” will come up after it’s done. This means that the operation has been successful.


Clearing Bluetooth memory is really easy and only takes up a minute of your time when you know the right processes. Hope this article helped to figure out how to clear Bluetooth memory on pioneer radio.

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