How To Delete Bluetooth Device From Pioneer Radio

Bluetooth technology is a blessing; there's no doubt about that. But everything in this world comes with perks and cons!

Though the Bluetooth feature in the car stereos makes our life easier, sometimes it can give us trouble too! Yes, you may mind difficulty adding a new device, or pairing can be time-consuming. 

But don't worry; today we'll discuss how to delete the Bluetooth device from Pioneer radio. So without wasting much time, let's get started!

Well, when it comes to deleting a paired Bluetooth device from your Pioneer stereo system, the procedure may vary from model to model. However, most models share similarities; therefore, you can utilize the same tricks for different devices.

So at first, we'll tell you about the general way you can try for any Pioneer Stereo. And then, we will tell you how to delete paired devices from specific pioneer stereo models.

Step One – Turn of your Radio

Before you delete the devices from your pioneer sound system, you need to turn off the unit. After that, we'll proceed to the next step.

Step Two – Get To the System Key

After doing that, hold the home button, and when the screen appears, tap the system key to gain access to it.

Step Three – Clear The Memory List

When you tap the system key, a list of paired devices will appear on the screen. Now, click on that list and tap on the "Bluetooth Memory Clear" option. After selecting that, all the paired devices will be deleted promptly.

And if you want to delete any specific device, just tap on the name of that device, and you will be done in seconds!

Final Step – Leave that Screen

If the devices are deleted, you will see a confirmation message on the screen. Select okay, and then you can get out of that area without any issue.

4 steps to Delete Bluetooth Device From Pioneer Radio

Final Words

If your Pioneer car radio is connected with many devices, you may fail to add new ones. Therefore, it is quite important to know how to delete Bluetooth device from Pioneer radio.

Well, the procedure is super simple; you will need only a few minutes. If you perform this technique one time, you can do it effortlessly for the rest of your life.

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