Uppababy Mesa Vs Nuna Pipa: Which Is The Best In 2023?

The market is flooded with numerous options for car seats, making the task of selecting the perfect one daunting. Safeguarding your little one during car rides is paramount, adding to the pressure. 

Among the highly acclaimed choices, there’s a growing comparison of the UPPAbaby MESA Vs Nuna PIPA series, each with its own merits. 

While the PIPA boasts superior crash protection ratings, the MESA excels in user-friendly features. 

It’s undeniable that choosing a car seat can be overwhelming, with a barrage of specifications and certifications. 

Hence, it’s no surprise that many of us gravitate towards trusted favorites like the Nuna Pipa and the UPPAbaby Mesa.

Parents adore the Nuna Pipa and UPPAbaby Mesa due to their convenient performance and timeless designs. However, how can you identify the ideal car seat for you and your family?

Uppababy Mesa Vs Nuna Pipa: Which is the best in 2023?

Below is the comparison between uppababy mesa and nuna pipa to determine which is best.

1. Uppababy Mesa vs Nuna Pipa: Safety

The UPPAbaby Mesa and the Nuna Pipa have garnered commendable safety accolades from the NHTSA. However, their divergent designs and installation techniques set them apart. 

The Nuna Pipa Lite boasts a robust steel leg absent in the Mesa, which extends from the base to the vehicle floor. 

This ingenious construction aids in the dissipation of impact energy and the redirection of force away from your precious little one during a collision.

Consumer Reports attests that including the steel leg in the Nuna Pipa Lite reduces the risk of head injuries in crashes by an impressive 46%. 

Moreover, both car seats have received high ratings for their adeptness in safeguarding against side impacts and the conventional front and rear impact protection features.

For user-friendliness, the Nuna Pipa Lite earns a 4-star rating for overall ease of use. 

The installation process of the Nuna Pipa entails a slight learning curve, primarily due to the presence of the leg. 

Determining if the installation is secure can take a lot of work. As ease of use directly contributes to overall safety, the leg has advantages and disadvantages.

On the other hand, the UPPAbaby Mesa boasts an excellent 5-star rating for overall ease of use, the highest possible rating, in contrast to the Nuna Pipa Lite’s 4-star rating. 

However, it falls short of Nuna regarding Consumer Reports’ crash protection rating, as it needs the load leg attachment to the base.

While safety ratings remain paramount when selecting a car seat, they should not be the sole determining factor. Other crucial considerations include the weight and dimensions of the car seat, additional features it offers, and, naturally, its price point.

Winner: Tie

2. Uppababy Mesa vs Nuna Pipa: Size

When considering an infant carrier, it becomes imperative to acquire preliminary knowledge about its weight and the range of protection it offers.

The UPPAbaby Mesa proves to be a remarkably enduring choice. Accommodating infants from a mere 4 pounds up to 35 pounds, this versatile seat ensures extended usability over several years. 

Notably, it safely transports newborns, allowing you to bring your baby home straight from the hospital comfortably.

Depending on the pace of your little one’s growth, this seat may continue to serve them even at 2 or 3 years old. The height limit is 32 inches, emphasizing the importance of rear-facing travel for optimal safety throughout the journey.

Thanks to its detachable design, the UPPAbaby Mesa exhibits a reasonable lightness. The upper portion alone weighs approximately 8 pounds. 

While not exceptionally lightweight, considering the exceptional protection it provides for your precious bundle, it remains manageable.

The Nuna Pipa shares notable similarities with the Mesa, with the only discernible distinction in its slightly lower weight capacity of 32 pounds. 

However, this restriction still allows for comfortable use with newborns, ensuring a safe journey from when they leave the hospital. 

The Nuna Pipa is a premium-grade seat, and maximizing its utility over an extended period undoubtedly proves advantageous.

For discerning parents, the discrepancy of 3 pounds between the two models carries significance. However, both seats share the same height limit of 32 inches. 

The Nuna Pipa, designed with portability in mind, boasts a lightweight structure, weighing a mere 7.9 pounds when detached from its base.

Winner: UPPAbaby Mesa

3. Uppababy Mesa vs Nuna Pipa: Fabric Material

It is an inevitable reality that children are prone to accidents, ranging from simple beverage spills to more challenging situations like vomiting or diaper blowouts. 

Regrettably, the responsibility of cleaning up falls primarily on your shoulders. Hence, delving into the specifics of the fabric becomes crucial. 

If you have a child prone to motion sickness, opting for a cover that is effortlessly removable and easy to launder is imperative.

Fortunately, there is both positive and negative news concerning Mesa. The Mesa fabric is crafted from merino wool, boasting no toxic chemicals. This makes it an excellent choice for parents with babies who have sensitive skin.

However, it is essential to note that the manufacturer recommends exclusive hand washing for maintenance. Despite this, the material is simple to detach and reinstall.

Similarly, the Nuna Pipa utilizes eco-friendly materials, specifically organic cotton. In line with their commitment to safety, no toxic chemicals are employed in their production.

One advantage of cotton is its machine washability. But, it is advisable to consult the manual before cleaning. The manufacturer recommends a gentle washing program utilizing mild soap and cold water.

Winner: Nuna Pipa

4. Uppababy Mesa vs Nuna Pipa: Installation

The installation aspect of car seats presents a formidable challenge, often requiring a level of expertise akin to an engineering diploma. However, fortuitously, both of the above seats prove to be effortlessly installable.

Given that you will be engaging in the installation process for several years, it becomes essential to ascertain the difficulty and swiftness of the mounting procedure. 

Opting for multiple units eliminates the need for repeated tinkering with the installation phase.

The Uppababy Mesa offers the convenience of both base-dependent and base-independent installation methods. This proves invaluable in scenarios where the other parent must collect the little one, and a base is not readily available.

Before delving into the installation process, it is imperative to achieve accurate leveling. 

The presence of a four-level recline system enables adjustments according to personal preferences. Ensuring that the leveling bubble indicates an adequately aligned position is crucial.

The base installation procedure of the Uppababy Mesa is remarkably straightforward. One must engage the latch connectors, ensuring a secure click on both the right and left sides before activating the central lever. 

Completion of these simple steps ensures a successful installation. Mistakes are virtually impossible to make.

Attaching the carrier portion requires a single click, and the process is finalized effortlessly.

The Nuna Pipa follows a somewhat analogous installation approach to the Mesa. However, it boasts a slightly more sophisticated system. 

When employing the latch system, the connection quality can be visibly discerned. A green indication signifies the correct installation.

Several parents have reported difficulties achieving a secure connection in vehicles with recessed latch systems.

Attention must be given to adjusting the Nuna Pipa stability bar, equipped with a red and green indicator. 

Interestingly, this lateral leg aims to ensure carrier stability and absorb energy. Some parents have expressed concerns regarding the snugness of the leg, necessitating frequent adjustments.

Winner: Uppababy Mesa

5. Uppababy Mesa vs Nuna Pipa: Features

Every car seat manufacturer strives to introduce novelty and distinctiveness to their products, aiming to stand out. 

This sentiment resonates with both Mesa and Pipa, as scrutinizing the details can reveal that seemingly minor details can accumulate and result in an irritating experience.

Regarding extra features, both car seats exhibit similar performance. For instance, they come equipped with removable baby inserts, facilitating effortless adaptation as your little one outgrows them.

Moreover, the Mesa and Pipa boast compatibility with specific brand strollers, ensuring seamless integration. 

If you possess a different stroller, using adapters enables secure attachment. A mere two clicks transform the combination into an ultimate travel system.

As previously highlighted, a notable distinction lies in the employment of non-toxic materials such as natural wool and cotton, differentiating them from other brands that use fire retardants and brominated or chlorinated chemicals. 

Hence, for parents with infants possessing sensitive skin, these types of carriers prove to be an optimal choice.

A significant feature exclusive to the Uppababy Mesa is its auto-adjust straps. Adjusting the headrest prompts the corresponding adjustment of the straps, streamlining the process effortlessly.

Conversely, the Nuna Pipa necessitates manual rethreading of the straps, a task that most finds immensely bothersome. Parents struggle to achieve the desired outcome and often require assistance.

Adding to the drawbacks of the Pipa, the straps need to be longer. It embarrasing that the car seat fails to accommodate the child’s size despite being expensive. Numerous parents have voiced their dissatisfaction regarding this issue.

The canopy of the Uppababy Mesa operates seamlessly, providing comprehensive coverage for the baby and conveniently retracting when not in use.

However, some concerns arise with the Nuna Pipa. Extracting and reassembling the canopy proves arduous, primarily due to weak magnets undermining its advertised functionality.

Winner: Uppababy Mesa

Final Verdict

The Uppababy Mesa is a better baby car seat than the Nuna Pipa. Out of five categories considered, the Uppababy Mesa came out tops in three of them, forced a tie in one of them, and lost one to Nuna Pipa.


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