How To Reset Sony Car Stereo

If the Sony car stereo malfunctions or gives you all kind of troubles, resetting the system can be a real life saver. Therefore, you need to have clear knowledge about how to reset Sony car stereo to be prepared for the awry conditions. And if you don’t have any clue regarding that, this article will be your ultimate guide!

Here we’ll discuss different reset methods in detail. And by the time you finish reading, you’ll be an expert for sure!

When it comes to resetting Sony car stereos, you will face two types of situations. You can either reset the system with the reset button or without it. To make things easier for you, we’ll share all the tips and tricks for both methods with you.

Resetting A Sony Car Stereo Using the Reset Button

Some model has the reset button under the removable faceplate. And now it is time to tell you how to reset a Sony car radio or stereo using that.

Step One : Discover the Reset Button

First of all, you need to remove the faceplate of your Sony stereo. The process may differ from model to model, so check the instruction manual before doing that.

When you’re done with you will see a small button. And you can utilize that for resetting the audio system.

Step Two : Reset the System

Now that you have found the button, you need to press it. However, it is pretty tiny; hence, you need something sharp, thin, and cylindrical to press it, such as a pen or pencil.

Take that sharp and slim apparatus and use it to press the reset button. When you do that, make sure that the stereo is on. Otherwise, the trick won’t work at all!

Resetting A Sony Car Stereo Using the Reset Button

Resetting The Sony Stereo Without The Button

If the faceplate isn’t removable or there is no reset button, you need to reset the system using some specific button. But which button you can use for resetting the system depends on the model of your stereo.

Here are some keys that can be used for resetting the sound system.

  • DSPL
  • Call Button
  • Home Button
  • Source/Off button

If your stereo has these keys, you need to keep it pressed for more than two seconds and ensure that the system is turned off. After a while, when you restart the system, you will see that the stereo has gone back to the default settings. Now you can customize everything according to your preference.

When Should You Reset Your Sony Car Stereo?

Resetting your stereo is quite common, and we perform this common task whenever we want. But there are some circumstances when this procedure is a must-have. So let’s look at the conditions where resetting the car stereo is mandatory.

  • If you have just installed your stereo for the first time, you should definitely perform a reset to keep it running without any issues. Once you reset the system, the stereo will have the default setting to customize the features according to your preference.
  • When you’ve performed some maintenance tasks on your car, such as removing some connections or getting rid of the car battery, in such a situation, you should reset the audio system for better performance.
  • Suppose any specific feature of your stereo isn’t running perfectly, or you are experiencing some malfunctions. In that case, you should try to reset the system. This procedure mostly solves your issue, and the task is super easy!

The Bottom Line

So here is everything you need to know about how to reset Sony car stereo. As the process is amazingly straightforward, anyone can perform it to troubleshoot their audio system whenever you want.

But you should remember that this procedure will remove all your customized settings, so you will have to start from the beginning all over again!

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