How To Set Clock On Sony Car Stereo – Step By Step

Sony manufactures one of the best car stereos, that’s no secret. And their products are technologically advanced; hence, you are saved from tons of hassles!

Well, when it is about setting up the clock in your Sony car stereo, the time changes automatically according to the details received from the radio. However, if you want to change the time manually for some reasons, this article will be your guide!

So here we will discuss how to set clock on Sony car stereo. We will keep the instruction simple, so you won’t have any issues whatsoever.

How Do I Set the Time on My Sony Car Stereo – Detailed Guide

Setting the clock on your Sony car stereo or radio isn’t the end of the world. It is actually a pretty easy task. Once we finish explaining, you can complete the whole procedure in minutes.

Let’s take a look at the process, shall we?

Set the Time on Sony Car Stereo : XAVA Series

The XAV series is quite popular among the music enthusiasts. Therefore, we are starting with this one.

setting time on XAV Series

Step One : Access the Settings

The first thing you need to do is to turn on the stereo. Once you do that, press the home button and find out the settings options.

Step Two : Find the Clock Settings

When you go to the settings options, you will see the clock settings. Select the Adjust Clock option in that section, and a new screen will show up.

Step Final : Set the Clock

After clicking on the Adjust Clock option, you will see the clock setting, and by using the up and down arrow keys, you can set the hour, minute, and seconds according to your preference. When you are done setting the time, tap on Set, and you’re good to go.

Set the Time on Sony Car Stereo : CDX, MEX, WX, & DSX Series

Though most Sony stereos come with the same procedure, the steps may differ from model to model. As the CDX, MEX, WX, and DSX Series are quite different, we specifically give you instructions on that.

setting time on cdx

Step One : Get to the Menu

After turning your stereo on, access the Menu button to see the options. And then, twist the knob, find out the General option, and select that by pressing the knob.

Step Two : Adjust the Clock

When you go to the General section, keep twisting the dial, and there will be a CLOCK-ADJ option. Now, press the dial to pick that choice, and then the hour, minute, and seconds will show up.

Final Step : Set the Clock

Once you set the hours, minutes, and seconds, select SET, and the time will be fixed. That’s all you need to do.

How to Turn Off the Clock Time or CT Setting

Suppose your stereo is telling you the incorrect. In that case, it is because the device is getting the time suggestion from the radio signal. And it may vary from station to station. Therefore, you may get an incorrect time from your Sony car stereo. However, this problem can be solved if you turn this option off.

But when it’s about how to set clock on Sony radio, the procedures can be different depending on the models. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back! We’ll tell you about the processes according to the models, so you won’t face any issues while turning off the clock time.

Turning Off the Clock Time on sony car stereo

Turn Off Clock Time : CDX, MEX, WX, and DSX Series

  • Firstly, find out the menu button on your stereo and click on it. And then, access the General option by using the volume knob.
  • Following that step, pick the CT option by rotating and pressing the volume knob. After that, select the turn-off option by twisting the knob and when the option shows up, press the knob to make a choice.

Well, that’s all you need to do!

Turn Off Clock Time : XAVA Series

  • You need to tap the home button to turn off the option.
  • After that, access the Settings and, following that, go to the General Settings.
  • In the General Setting option, you will see the Clock Time. When this choice pops up, just simply turn it off.

If you turn off the clock time, your stereo will not get any info from the radio signal, and the time won’t be changed automatically. So when you are planning to control the time in your own way, perform this effortless task, and all your worries will be gone!

The Bottom Line

How to set clock on Sony car stereo, you ask? Hopefully, you’ve got the answers now! The procedure is quite straightforward, but there’s a bit of a learning curve as the instruction may vary from model to model. But once you perform the task, you won’t have to worry about anything else!

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