How To Fix Car Stereo Draining Battery

Car stereos consume a considerable amount of energy from your battery. But they are an essential staple in any modern-day car’s infotainment system. They could prove to be a burden to your vehicle’s power source.

In this article, we are to walk you through how to fix a car stereo draining battery. We’ll take it to step by step so that you can follow along.

5 Steps To Fix Car Stereo Draining Battery

Step 1: Making Sure the Car Is Static

You’re going to have to inspect the wiring and inner mechanisms of the system. Therefore, turn the car’s ignition off and make sure the vehicle is static.

Step 2: Checking All the Wiring

When the new stereo system is installed, the wiring may not be compact or tight enough. Also, after a long time of use, the stereo system is most likely to see a lot of wear and tear. Either way, make sure the wires are correctly connected and inspect them.

To check the wiring system, take apart the center console with a screwdriver and other such tools. While opening it up, place the stereo carefully on the soft seats or any such surface. Make sure you don’t tear the wires by accident.

Ideally, the black wire needs to be connected to the battery’s anode, while the yellow one should go to the cathode. Finally, connect the red wire to the ignition.

Step 3: Examining the Fuse Box

In the fuse box, you will find two kinds of fuses. One is a constant one. Another is alternate. If the wires are attached to the first one, it’ll draw more power from the battery. Make sure the attachments are made to the alternate fuse to prevent the car stereo draining battery.

Ground your tester to the exposed metal surface while the car is shut down to check if the current is flowing. Then change the alignments on the fuse box.

Step 4: Checking the Battery Requirements

The battery requirements are usually written on the back. You should be able to see it when you pull it out of the slot.

Make sure the battery you are using is suitable to run the stereo. If the stereo demands too much power, it’s advisable to install a secondary power source.

Generally, this type of problem happens only when a new stereo system is installed.

Step 5: Checking the Circuit of The Stereo Itself

Use the tester to check if the stereo’s circuit is flowing electricity.

In this type of situation, it’s too costly to repair the whole stereo system. So, make sure you know what you’re doing if you want to avoid any damage to the stereo.

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Bottom Line

There are various reasons why your stereo might be draining your battery. Whatever that may be, by following the steps mentioned earlier, all kinds of problems can be checked and remedied. For any broken circuit of the stereo, it’s not worth the fix as you would need to buy another circuit anyway.

So, this was our guide on dealing with the battery draining issue of car stereos. Hope you had a good read and found a suitable solution to your problem on how to fix a car stereo draining battery.

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