How To Get Broken Aux Cord Out Of A Car

The auxiliary cable connects the audio source device, such as a smartphone or MP3 player, and a sound system or speaker. An AUX cable’s primary function is to transmit audio signals from the source device to the sound system or speaker.

Apart from its use in home sound systems, the AUX input has found its way into numerous cars, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their audio devices with the vehicle’s stereo system. This integration allows the ability to enjoy music or other audio content through the car’s speakers while moving.

On rare occasions, following an extended entertainment session, an auxiliary cable may become firmly lodged within the port, refusing to detach. 

This predicament prompts the question of how to get broken AUX cord out of a car safely, which is what this article is all about!

How To Get Broken Aux Cord Out Of A Car

There are several practical ways to get a broken AUX cord from a car. They include the following:

1. How to Get a Broken AUX Out of the Car Using Tweezers

Using tweezers is an effective way to get a broken AUX cord from a car. However, extracting a broken AUX cord from a car stereo using tweezers demands delicate handling and patience to achieve the desired outcome. 

With that in mind, here are the general steps one can follow:

  • Carefully inspect the broken end of the AUX cord to ascertain if any part protrudes from the port. If there is any visible section, gently grasp it with the tweezers and pull to remove it.
  • If the broken end of the AUX cord remains firmly lodged inside the car stereo, cautiously use the tweezers to grip the exposed end of the cord and attempt a subtle back-and-forth movement to loosen its grip.
  • Once the cord is loosened, delicately withdraw it from the port, avoiding excessive force that could potentially cause damage to the port.
  • If the cord stubbornly resists extraction, it may be necessary to explore alternative tools or methods to achieve a more secure grip for removal.
  • Once the broken AUX cord has been successfully removed, it is prudent to test the car stereo to ensure its proper functionality thoroughly.

2. How to Get a Broken AUX Out of the Car Using Pliers

Using a pair of suitable pliers is the most effortless method to remove a fractured AUX cord from your car stereo. 

Should the AUX cord be broken inside the port of your car, the following steps outline the procedure for its extraction utilizing pliers:

  • Pinpoint the location of the broken AUX cord wedged within the car’s port.
  • Choose an apt pair of pliers, preferably needle-nose ones with a prolonged and slender jaw. This specific type of plier ensures optimal gripping capabilities for the broken cord.
  • Employ the pliers deftly, clamping onto the broken cord as close to its base as possible, securing a firm hold.
  • Execute a methodical and measured application of force, pulling the cord steadily and firmly out of the port. Exercise caution to avoid excessive force, mitigating the risk of any detrimental impact on the port’s integrity.
  • Inspect the port for any remaining fragments once the broken cord has been extracted. If any remnants are detected, employ the pliers precisely to extract them carefully.
  • Following the complete removal of the broken AUX cord and any remnants, assess the port’s functionality through a comprehensive test, ensuring it operates as intended.

3. How to Get a Broken AUX Out of the Car Using Needles

If the metal piece of an AUX cord gets stuck in the car stereo, it hinders smooth operation. 

But, one straightforward approach to retrieving the metal fragment lodged within the car is using needles.

To begin this procedure, you will require two long needles possessing a narrower diameter. 

Grasp one needle firmly between your fingers, employing your right hand, and secure the other using your left hand.

Position the sharpened ends of the needles into the jack, ensuring they exert firm pressure against the broken metal piece. 

Simultaneously, exert a controlled force while tilting the needles gently outward. This technique should help get a broken Aux cord out of a car.

4. How to Get a Broken AUX Out of the Car Using Paperclip and Toothpick

If the above techniques prove fruitless, adopting this method may be necessary to remove any potential hindrances obstructing the cord’s mobility. 

This method involves utilizing a slender and rigid implement, such as a paperclip or a toothpick, to delicately dislodge any debris or dirt impeding the cord’s movement. 

The following simplified steps outline the process of removing a broken AUX cord using a paperclip or toothpick:

  • Unfold and straighten the paperclip, then cautiously insert it into the broken end of the AUX cord, being mindful not to insert it too deeply.
  • Attempt to hook the paperclip onto the broken end of the cord and gently pull it outwards to dislodge it.
  • If the paperclip does not yield the desired result, employ a toothpick as an alternative. Insert the toothpick delicately into the broken end of the cord and wiggle it back and forth to loosen any obstructions.
  • Once the cord is detached, use the paperclip again to grip the exposed end and carefully extract it. It is crucial to exercise caution and avoid applying excessive force to prevent any damage to the port.

Or you can simply disassemble the entire unit and use the paper clip to dislodge the broken AUX from the back.

5. How to Get a Broken AUX Out of the Car Using a Ballpoint Pen

Another method is to use a ballpoint pen to fix a broken cable. Notably, the internal diameter of the pen aligns closely with that of the auxiliary cable, rendering it a suitable tool for the task at hand. 

However, minor adjustments may be required to optimize its functionality and enable the removal of the aux connector.

Sometimes, you must take the pen apart and remove the ink part. The empty end of the pen can be used to carefully remove the broken part of the cable. 

Inserting this end into the connector, one can cautiously maneuver it to disengage the cable from its socket.

You must be gentle and apply a little pressure to guide the pen nib into the socket while pulling out the fractured aux cable jack. 

This approach offers notable advantages, as the narrow pen makes it easier to hold the cable securely. 

You can also heat the pen a little to expand and fit better. After fixing the cable, ensure it stays in place before removing the pen. 

You can successfully fix the cable with careful pressure and aligning the grip. Remember, you might need to try different things to make it work.

The effectiveness of this method may vary. Improvisation may be required to ensure success. 

Improvised Method of Using The Ballpoint Pen 

You can use a small and pointed object, such as a nail, to delicately widen the tube to fit the broken side of the aux cable properly.

An alternative approach involves applying mild heat to the tube, resulting in slight expansion and a better fit. 

Once the tube is adequately heated, insert it into the socket, allowing it to remain in place briefly before carefully withdrawing it.

There are instances where a subtle application of pressure can prove decisive. By skillfully aligning the grip with the aux cable, you can apply the necessary force to effect its extraction, leading to a successful outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Action Should I Take if the Broken Aux Cord Is Firmly Stuck in the Car’s Port?

When confronted with a firmly lodged broken aux cord, gentle yet strategic maneuvers are crucial. 

Utilizing delicate tools like tweezers or needle-nose pliers allows for precise gripping and controlled extraction of the broken end from the port.

Can Lubricants Be Utilized to Facilitate the Removal of a Broken Aux Cord?

While using lubricants may seem enticing, caution must be exercised. Introducing lubricants into the port can pose unintended risks, potentially damaging internal components. 

It is advisable to explore alternative methods before considering lubrication.

Is It Safe to Exert Excessive Force in Removing a Broken Aux Cord?

Exerting excessive force should be avoided to prevent harm to the port and the broken cord. 

Applying undue pressure may exacerbate the situation, further impeding cord removal or causing damage to the car’s audio system. 

Exercising controlled and measured force is paramount to avoid additional complications.

What Should Be Done if the Broken Aux Cord Is Deeply Embedded Within the Port?

In cases where the broken aux cord is deeply embedded within the port and conventional techniques prove ineffective, seeking professional assistance from a qualified car technician or audio specialist is advisable. 

They possess the expertise and specialized tools to tackle intricate scenarios without causing further harm.

Can a DIY Approach, Such as Heating or Widening the Cord, Aid in Its Removal?

Although unconventional methods like heating or widening the cord may be tempting, they carry inherent risks and can potentially harm the port or the cord itself. 

It is prudent to exercise caution and refrain from using such techniques, as they may result in irreversible damage.


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