Car Audio, Window Tinting, & More In National City, CA

Every car comes with an audio system, which delivers quite a premium sound depending on your car’s trim level, make, and model.

However, stock car audio systems may not produce the high level of sound expected by audiophiles, and as such, they (audiophiles) may want to install an aftermarket car audio system that meets their needs.

Similarly, some cars come standard with window tints, but you may want to increase or reduce the tinting. Customizing your new car won’t ruin the warranty, provided you have the changes made by a certified professional.

This article lists some of the best places (workshops) to get car audio, window tinting, & more in national city, CA

Car Audio, Window Tinting, & More in National City, CA

1. Car Audio City

Established in 2008, in National City, CA, Car Audio City is one of the notable places to get different car audio services done for you in National City. It is a full-service car audio shop that offers good prices for its variety of services, which include stereo installation, amplifier installation, and speaker replacement.

Also, at Car Audio City, you can also get your windows tinted to any legal level of your choice. One of the reasons to perform your car upgrades in this shop is the fair prices they offer.

Furthermore, the shop installs alarm systems and other security features, too. Other services include Car wraps, exhaust modification, dash cams, wheels and tires, and video systems.

2. Window Tinting Pros

Window Tinting Pros is a family-owned business in National City that offers window tint services. The business has been operating for over 20 years now and offers a variety of tint films to choose from, including ceramic tint, metallic tint, and carbon tint.

The catch here is that Window Tinting Pros offers a lifetime warranty on all of its tint films. The shop offers a variety of installation options that can perfectly fit any car type. Sadly, the company doesn’t offer extensive automotive services – just window tinting.

3. SD True Customs

SD True Customs is one of the reputable auto shops in National City. It is a multi-service auto shop with pretty fair pricing for its services.

At SD True Customs, you can have your car audio system replaced and upgraded to a more modernized one. The business also offers paint jobs, window tinting, and other related services.

SD True Customs is located at 1316 National City Blvd, National City, CA 91950. You can request a free quote on the business’ website to know the estimate of getting your car worked on by the shop’s professional technicians. Window tinting starts at $89 depending on your specifications and vehicle type.

4. Audio Realm

Located at 710 East 8th St, National City, Audio Realm is a custom car audio shop with a specialty in designing and installing high-quality audio systems. The shop offers a wide selection of products to choose from, including speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and head units.

Audio Realm has been in the business for over a decade and works with a team of very experienced technicians. The shop also installs freshly tinted windows and car security systems; you can call in to book an appointment.

5. Tint World

Another place to go for your car audio upgrades, window tinting, and other tuning services. Irrespective of the name, Tint World offers a wide variety of services that span many aspects of automotive upgrades. Appointments are required to get your car worked on by Tint World, and you can make bookings from the website or place a call.

6. Car Audio SD

Car Audio SD is another good stop for your auto tuneups and custom installations. The shop is located at Highland Avenue, National City, and serves customers from the entire county.

At Car Audio SD, there are a lot of services you can get done, including car stereo upgrades, window tinting, wheels and tires, dash cams, trackers, and more. The shop also offers marine audio and boat speakers installation.


These are the few reliable shops you can drive in to have various auto upgrade services done for you. Common services offered in these shops include car stereo repairs and upgrades, window tinting, tire & wheels servicing, security system installation, and quite many others. You can check out their respective websites for more information.


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