The Best Single DIN Head Units of 2022 – Top 10 Models Reviewed

Doesn’t matter what great of a sound you’re listening to, if your single DIN HEAD Unit isn’t good enough, even Sinatra will sound pathetic.

However, you’ve tons of options these days. Hence, getting the best single DIN head unit is pretty hectic. Well, that doesn't mean that we won't listen to anything on the road!

To save you from that ordeal, We have reviewed ten single DIN stereos that come with plenty of connectivity options, enhanced audio quality, a simple interface and built-in EQ. The products you'll see here are the royalties of the car music industry, no kidding!

We know you can't afford to waste any more time! So, let's dive into the reviews right away!

Don't have much time to through all the details? Take a look at the summaries of each stereo to understand their potential.

"This Alpine CDE-172BT is an excellent device that is built to satisfy any audiophile out there. It is loaded with innovative features, offers you ease of adjustment and comes within affordable price points. And that's why it has earned its place on our ultimate top 10 single din head unit list."

"This single DIN Bluetooth head unit hails from a leading brand; it's full of advanced features, top-notch sound quality and guarantees enhanced durability within an inexpensive price tag. If you want more than, you'll have to go for some alien tech!"

3. Best for Powerful Sound: Pioneer DEH-S1100UB 1 Din Car Stereo

"Pioneer is known for making top-tier car stereo systems over the years. And this one is made with a CEA amp, and the power output is 200watts. Hence, you will get a super loud sound music experience without ruining the audio quality."

"Sometimes we want to have it all, but our bank account doesn't agree with us. In a situation like this, go for this stereo as it cost less than 50 bucks!"

"If you want every feature possible in one sound system, from touchscreen to RCA, this is the one you can get. Moreover, it won't burn holes in your pocket, making it more user-friendly than it already is!"

6. Best for Music Apps: Pioneer MVH-S310BT 1 Din Head unit

"Even if you don't carry any device with you, you can listen to your favorite songs on the go as it allows you to access any music app directly! So if you are into Pandora or Spotify, this is the stereo you need in your life."

7. Best for Audio Customization: JVC KD-X260BT Media Receiver

"This stereo has 13-Band EQ that allows you to do all the adjustments to your music. Hence, when you are obsessed with experiments, pick this one to express your creativity!"

8. Best for Amateurs: Alpine UTE-73BT Stereo Receiver

"Alpine is reputed for making a top-tier single DIN head unit, which is no exception. Besides having a reasonable price tag and inventive features, it has easy to use interface. Hence, this is an excellent option for those who aren't good at handling high-tech devices."

"From amazingly chic outlook to advanced functionality, it has everything to die for! Its aesthetically pleasing design will make your dashboard look stylish than ever. Therefore, if you want a combination of good looks and ergonomics, try getting this one."

"When you want to spend your hard-earned money on something high-end, you need to make sure it is loaded with all the top-class features. So if you don't want to live in doubt, pick this one if you want to own a versatile car stereo.

Reviews of The 10 Best Single DIN Head Units

Here is our reviews of the top ten single DIN head units for you. Once you install them on the dashboard, your car rides will be peachy for life!

1. Best Overall: Alpine CDE-172BT Single Din Car Stereo

Alpine CDE-172BT Single DIN Stereo Receiver
Key Specifications:
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth
  • Input – USB and AUX
  • Item dimension: 11 x 8 x 4 inches
  • Output wattage – 45 Watts
  • Number of channels - 6
  • Weighs - 3.02 lbs

We are discussing the best single DIN car stereo, aren't we? Therefore, we will start our convo with this incredible Alpine CDE-172BT Car Stereo.

First of all, let's talk about the convenience it offers to us. It doesn't matter if we have Spotify or a flash drive full of songs to play; this stereo won't mind. Yes, it is equipped with Bluetooth and USB, so you can connect to any device you want!

Furthermore, it can play any format, from WMA to MP3, without any hitches. So when you say satisfaction, We hear Alpine CDE-172BT!

This stereo offers a hands-free calling feature, so no more disappointing our friends just because we were driving. And that's something praiseworthy, don't you think?

We really admire the fact that this amazing thing comes with tons of customizable options. You can change the display and the backlight according to your preference. In this way, you can make your car interior chicer than ever!

Now it's time to tell you about the most incredible feature of this stereo. It allows you to control the EQ just the way you want. If you want to crank up the bass, you can do that without any hitches. And when you're not in a mood, choose the low pass filter to soothe the mood.

It comes with an innovative App Direct mode that is totally compatible with your IOS devices. Thanks to this feature, now you can have access to apps like Spotify or Pandora.

Though this Alpine head unit has 6-channel pre-amp and AUX output, it doesn't have any RCA output on the back. Still, you're getting plenty of connectivity options, so you're in good hands.

From adjusting your tunes to high-quality sounds, this stereo has everything. So for a mind-boggling experience, go for this one without any hesitation.

Good Sides:

  • Comes with high and low pass filter to offer adjustments
  • Compatible with any device and app
  • Has both Bluetooth and UBS for advanced connectivity
  • Able to play any music file without any trouble


  • This stereo can use some more ports
  • The screen doesn't have an anti-glare feature

2. Runner Up: Kenwood KMM-BT325 Single Din Stereo Receiver

Kenwood KMM-BT325 Stereo Receiver
Key Specifications:
  • Inputs - USB and AUX
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth
  • Item Dimension 11 x 10 x 4.5 inches
  • Output Wattage – 50 watts
  • Number of channels - 4
  • Weighs: 1.94 lbs

Kenwood is one of the most reputed brands that manufacture the best single din stereo in the world. And this KMM-BT325 Stereo Receiver is an example of their excellence. 

Even though it is loaded with all the advanced, it doesn't really cost that much. Therefore, if you are running on low cash flow, consider getting this one without any doubt.

Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth technology, you can connect all your Android and IOS devices to it. The connection will be seamless and trouble-free; hence, you can enjoy any music you want.

The most incredible thing about this Kenwood car stereo is that it allows you to connect two devices simultaneously. In this way, you can play something from your phone and a few songs from your friend's iPad. How amazing is that!

It is suitable for playing any music format; mp3, WMA, WAV and AAC files. So it doesn't matter what song you have got with you, this music system will play everything and rock your world!

We always love to have a car stereo that provides full liberty. And by that, We mean the more ports the system has to offer, the more flexibility you get. And this device has gathered everything in one place. 

On this stereo, you will get USB ports and two 3.5 mm AUX ports. As a result, you will never have any connectivity issues.

Well, it's time to reveal the most remarkable feature of this car stereo! This baby is equipped with a 13-Band EQ so that you can adjust your tunes just the way you want. And We know all the audiophiles out there are going crazy for this feature!

There are also six different pre-built options to choose from. So if you are not in a mood to whip up something creative, pick one of those options to enjoy the time of your life!

Another praiseworthy feature of this stereo is its screen. Firstly, you can change its color and personalize the background according to your dashboard design. And the display is readable under sunlight.

Hence, operating this device will be effortless even if you drive to Vegas on a sunny day!

However, it is a low wattage car stereo; hence your whole neighborhood won't shake to its music! When it comes to sound quality, it is more like Captain America. Well, he is strong but not enough to overpower the Hulk. You know what we mean, right?

Good Sides:

  • Plays any music format without any trouble
  • Made with a wide range of ports for better connectivity
  • Allows you to customize music
  • The display is visible under natural light
  • You can connect two devices at once


  • Doesn't make super-loud sound
  • Only allows you to stream from Pandora

3. Best for Powerful Sound: Pioneer DEH-S1100UB 1 Din Car Stereo

Pioneer Single DIN DEH-S1100UB Car Stereo
Key Specifications:
  • Inputs - USB and AUX
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth
  • Number of channels – 4
  • Power output – 200watts (peak)
  • Dimension - 7 x 2 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight - 1.2 kg

We know a lot you have been waiting for a Pioneer single DIN head unit review. So here we come, to grant your wish!

This top-tier car stereo comes with a sleek outlook that will make your vehicle look more stylish than ever. Well, they pretty things aren't durable; this music system can prove them wrong.

Pioneer never compromises with the build quality. Therefore, once you start using the Pioneer DEH-S1100UB, you won't have to switch to another one in a long time. 

You will get USB ports for connectivity and a wireless remote for operating the whole system. Hence, if you are driving, you can easily control your stereo, which is pretty remarkable.

It is equipped with a multi-segmented display and backlight that makes your dashboard look aesthetically pleasing. Some of us love to add finesse to our ride. If you are one of them, this stereo will be ideal for you.

This car stereo is super popular among the users, we must say. Let us tell you why this beast deserves the fame!

It is made with four channels, and the maximum power output you get is 200 watts. As a result, this music system produces high-quality and powerful sound quite smoothly. Moreover, it is designed with a CEA amp; thus, this stereo can make the whole town go wild!

And so, when you are thinking about getting the most powerful single DIN head unit, this should be on your wishlist.

This sweet thing is compatible with android and IOS devices, and it can play any format you desire. And it won't max out your credit card, which is another praiseworthy fact about this stereo. 

Good Sides:

  • Comes with excellent power output to ensure enhanced audio quality
  • Includes wireless remote control for convenience
  • Offers compatibility with IOS and Android devices
  • Sleek outlook makes the dashboard look stylish


  • The number of ports isn't impressive
  • The screen isn't visible under bright sunlight

4. Best Budget Pick: BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB Car Stereo

BOSS 616UAB Single Din Car Stereo
Key Specifications:
  • Connectivity- Bluetooth
  • Inputs - AUX and USB
  • Output Wattage- 200watts
  • Item Dimension - 4.88 x 7 x 2 inches
  • Number of channels – 4
  • Weighs 1.08lbs

Do you want to get the most incredible audio system, but your pockets don't agree with you? Don't worry; here is the best budget single din head unit review for you!

Despite having the lowest price tag, it is loaded with all the top-tier features. Yes, it is hard to believe, but it is the truth!

It comes with an easy-to-read LCD and a sleek outlook. Once you see this thing, you won't believe that it costs less than a full-course meal!

You can use Bluetooth or USB ports for playing your mixes anytime you want. Additionally, it allows you to do some hands-free calling, making it more user-friendly than it already is.

As this stereo is equipped with AM/FM radio, you can just find out your favorite channel and listen to some new releases or interesting podcasts, whichever you prefer. Thus, consider getting this one for a better experience when you seek the best single din radio.

Moreover, the stereo also has AUX input; hence, connecting external devices will be super easy!

The max power output is 50watts x 4, so you will have an enhanced audio experience. Moreover, you can play any music format you want without any issue. 

Good Sides:

  • Comes with enhanced power output for a wholesome audio quality
  • Has AUX inputs for connecting external devices
  • Equipped with advanced Bluetooth for a hands-free experience
  • The LCD screen is easy to read


  • Doesn't have a CD mechanism
  • The wireless connectivity can use some improvements

5. Best Features Pick: Pyle Single DIN Flip-Out Car Stereo

Pyle PLTS78DUB Single DIN Stereo Receiver
Key Specifications:
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth
  • Input – RCA, USB and AUX
  • Output Wattage - 320 Watts
  • Number of channels – 4
  • Item dimension - 11.75 x 9.5 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 1kg

Some audiophiles are always seeking the best single din flip-out head unit. And if it's your preference too, this music system by Pyle will be your soulmate!

When we found out about this stereo, We were a bit shocked. Well, it is packed with high-end features; still, the manufacturer managed to keep it under an affordable price range. That's actually admirable!

It comes with USB ports; hence, connect all the devices you want. Moreover, this stereo has old-fashioned AM/FM radio, making it better than most single DIN multimedia head unit options. 

When you feel nostalgic and want to listen to a song from your CD or DVD collection, this system will give you that opportunity. Yes, even this year, you are getting a CD/DVD player option in your stereo! If it doesn't blow your mind, we don't know what will!

The power output of the audio system is insane! You will get 320 watts peak output, which makes it louder than any stereo! However, when you play it with maximum volume, the audio quality will get ruined a little, which is a bummer.

To keep up with the modern world, this system has an LCD touchscreen for ease of operation. All you have to do is to move your fingers and control every setting. So if you want the best single DIN touchscreen head unit in your life, go for this one!

This stereo also offers you a wide range of ports such as RCA and AUX. Therefore, you can connect multiple devices without any trouble.

Thanks to its Bluetooth technology, the hands-free operation is possible with this device. And the multicolor display turns this system into an eye-candy!

It also has an anti-shock mechanism that makes sure that the audio output isn't interrupted during mechanical hitches. What else do we need?

Good Sides:

  • Offers a wide range of port for excellent connectivity
  • Comes with an easy to operate touchscreen
  • Has CD and DVD player for playing different music
  • Wireless technology ensures hands-free operation


  • The audio quality can use some improvements
  • Has a tricky installation procedure

6. Best for Music Apps: Pioneer MVH-S310BT 1 Din Head unit

Pioneer MVH-S310BT Single Din Stereo Receiver
Key Specifications:
  • Inputs - USB and AUX
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth
  • Item dimension - 9 x 7 x 4 inches
  • Output wattage – 320watts
  • Weighs 1.8lbs
  • Number of channels - 4

Here is another single DIN Bluetooth car stereo by Pioneer on our list. It is made to satisfy all the audiophiles out there, so you'll never be disappointed with its service. 

Like most other stereo systems, it allows you to connect any android or IOS device to the speakers. But what makes it so special? Well, let us enlighten you!

With this audio system, you will get direct access to music systems such as Spotify and Pandora. Therefore, you don't have to play music on your device first and connect it to the stereo. Isn't that convenient?

Thanks to the USB ports, you can play files from your flash drive or any other equipment without any trouble. Moreover, the LCD screen is easy to operate and comes with ergonomic buttons, so people of any age can use it without any struggle. 

Good Sides:

  • Has an easy to use the LCD screen to ensure convenience
  • Comes with wireless technology and a USB port for better connectivity
  • Gives you access to music apps without any devices
  • Compatible with a wide range of IOS and android devices


  • Made with a minimum number of ports
  • The screen size is tiny

7. Best for Audio Customization: JVC KD-X260BT Media Receiver

JVC KD-X260BT Car Stereo Receiver
Key Specifications:
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth 3.0
  • Inputs – AUX and USB
  • Output wattage – 200watts
  • Item Dimension - 4 x 9 x 8 inches
  • Number of channels – 4
  • Weight – 1.79lbs

The KD-X260BT by JVC is one of the best 1 din head unit options for you. And it comes within a super inexpensive price tag, which is quite hard to believe!

To offer you the hands-free option, this stereo is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 3.0 technology. Hence, you will enjoy a seamless wireless connection in any condition. Moreover, you can make all the calls you want without making any fuss, which is pretty amazing.

Additionally, this stereo supports tons of music formats. From WMA to FLAC files, you can play anything on it. And that's a commendable feature, don't you think?

When it comes to compatibility, this audio system offers you the highest convenience. It allows you to connect any IOS and android devices you want; hence, you'll get a greater value for the money.

This sweet thing will let you use any music app of your preference for those who aren't old-school anymore. So if you have a Pandora subscription, this stereo will appreciate that!

The peak output wattage of this music system is 200 watts; thus, you will get a powerful sound quality! Moreover, it is equipped with 13-Band EQ, 18 FM, and 6 AM presets. Therefore, when it's about personalization, there is hardly any match to this baby!

Thanks to its versatile USB port, you can connect any device of your choice. And the package also includes a remote control, which is just the cherry on the top.

If you want to get lost with Radiohead, this stereo will be your getaway as it is made with a 5V pre-amp. So when you want something high-end but don't have the mint for it, just grab this thing and enjoy the ultimate music fest on your road trip!

Good Sides:

  • Comes with higher wattage for a powerful performance
  • Offers Bluetooth and USB ports for better connectivity
  • Supports different music apps to make things easier
  • Allow you to play any music format you want


  • Doesn't come with a CD/DVD player
  • The buttons are quite small

8. Best for Amateurs: Alpine UTE-73BT Stereo Receiver

Alpine UTE-73BT Advanced Stereo Receiver
Key Specifications:
  • Inputs - AUX and USB
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth
  • Number of channels – 4
  • Output wattage – 72 watts x 4 (peak)
  • Item dimension – 4 x 11 x 10 inches
  • Weighs 3lbs

When talking about the best single DIN head unit with Bluetooth, you'll see multiple options from Alpine. We mean, we can't really talk about music legends without mentioning Elvis, can we?

Despite having an exceptionally low price tag, the manufacturer has put plenty of advanced features on this one. And trust us, we are not even surprised! 

A leopard can't change his spots; likewise, Alpine couldn't compromise with the quality even while making inexpensive stereos!

It is made with a bright blue LCD screen so that you can operate this thing pretty easily. Therefore, a person of any age can use stereo without any issue. However, if you don't like the blue screen, just adjust the RGB lighting according to your preference.

This car audio system is compatible with both android and IOS. Furthermore, it supports any kind of music files; hence, it's a user-friendly device, there's no doubt about that.

To ensure seamless connectivity, this music system is equipped with Bluetooth, USB, and port. In this way, you play music from your IOS and use your dad's flash drive for some Billy Joel! Well, that sounds really comforting, doesn't it?

When it comes to music apps, you can use Pandora without any trouble. However, it doesn't come with a CD player, which is a bummer!

Besides having the 3-band parametric EQ, it has high and low pass filters. Therefore, tuning the music will be effortless than ever now!

This music system is mostly appreciated for its easy-to-use navigation system. Hence, if you are into simplicity, try getting this one for a breezy experience!

Good Sides:

  • Offers you a wide range of connectivity options for convenience
  • Allows you to tune your music just the way you want
  • Supports different formats of music
  • An easy-to-use interface makes it popular among the non-tech-savvy crowd


  • Lacks a CD player
  • Can't play music from Apple devices without an adapter

9. Best for Looks: Sony MEX-N5300BT Stereo Receiver

Sony MEX-N5300BT Stereo Receiver
Key Specifications:
  • Connectivity- Bluetooth and NFC
  • Output wattage - 400 watts
  • Number of channels - 4
  • Inputs – AUX and USB
  • Weighs – 3.6lbs
  • Item Dimension - 10.13 x 8.88 x 3.88 inches

It's not just about stereo; Sony is known for taking any device to a whole new level. And as they made their product is premium components, you are less likely to feel any hitches while banging your head to Iron Maiden.

One of the most remarkable facts about this top-notch Sony car stereo is that it comes with a super sleek outlook. This stunning device will make your dashboard look delectable; that's no secret!

Despite being a pretty face, it offers you excellent features and service. Isn't that just the best of both worlds?

This stereo has a unique connectivity system; the Near Field Communication Tech. Thanks to this high-flying tech, you can connect your devices to the stereo with a simple touch gesture. Just let your smartphone touch the volume knob of your stereo, and you'll get connected immediately!
So when they say the future is here, they aren't bluffing!

Additionally, you will get an output wattage of 400 watts. So the audio quality will be powerful; that's not brand new information.

It also offers you Siri-eyes and Android voice control compatibility. Therefore, if you want to feel like living in the era of Star Trek, this device is the ideal option for you!

Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth features, you can now change tracks, adjust the volumes and do some hands-free calling. Moreover, you can connect more than one device to play different things. And that's just the icing on the cake!

So considering all its features, these stereos mention on this ultimate top 10 single DIN head unit list is totally justified, isn't it?

Good Sides:

  • Comes with a unique NFC feature for excellent connectivity
  • Has an aesthetically pleasing outlook to make your dashboard look stylish
  • Allows you to connect two devices at once
  • Compatible with Siri-eyes and android voice control for ease of use


  • The bass output is limited
  • A bit tricky to use

10. Best Versatile: BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI Flip-out Stereo

BOSS Audio Systems BV9986BI Flip-out Stereo
Key Specifications:
  • Inputs - AV, AUX, and USB
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth
  • Number of channels - 4
  • Output wattage – 340 watts
  • Item dimension- 8 x 7 x 2 inches
  • Weighs 5.05lbs

The final product on our list is the BV9986BI by Boss Audio systems. And it is one of the most amazing car stereos ever existed, that's no secret. 

Thanks to its top-tier Bluetooth technology, you will enjoy an interruption-free wireless connection all the time. While talking or playing music, there will be no lost signal, which is something we all need!
It is made with a flip-out touchscreen that's super simple to use. And you can detach the screen if you want. So when it is about futuristic design, this stereo is on the top!

Sometimes we don't really like the backlighting of the screen. Either it doesn't go with our personality or looks bad with the dashboard design. But with this audio system, you don't have to go through that nightmare.

You can now pick your backlighting among thousands of dynamic color combinations. This multicolor illumination feature makes it a stereo for the elite!

Besides Bluetooth, you're getting USB and AUX ports for top-notch connectivity. In this way, you can play music from any device you want without any trouble. Moreover, it allows you to use an SD card, just the cherry on the top!

One of the unique facts about this audio system is that it is equipped with AV output too! Therefore, now you can enjoy some amazing video content too! Well, if it doesn't make you go crazy for this thing, We don't know what will!

There's also a video output port that allows you to connect an extra screen for playing videos. So you're getting all the premium features with it, which is something to celebrate.

The max power output of this system is 85 watts x 4, which is enough for giving you a wholesome audio quality. Furthermore, it comes with a high-grade CD/DVD player. Hence, if you want to buy the best single DIN DVD player, you should definitely look at this one!

Yes, you can easily use this device with the touchscreen, but it includes a wireless remote. In this way, people in the backseat will have the full liberty to make their own playlist!

It is equipped with built-in EQ, and you can adjust your tuning as you prefer. So when you are looking for a high-performance car audio system, this one is the option for you!

Good Sides:

  • Comes with AV input for streaming video contents
  • Equipped with CD/DVD player for convenience
  • Has multiple illuminations features to ensure excellent backlighting
  • Offers plenty of connectivity options for a better experience


  • Doesn't come with a sleek outlook
  • It's hard to get access to the SD card files

Things To Look for in a Single DIN Head Unit Before Buying

Though we have told you about the top audio systems, you may still ask, what is the best single DIN car stereo? Well, if you want to recognize them with just one glance, look for the factors mentioned below. 

If a stereo has these features, get it for the most incredible experience!

Playback Options

Playback options are the methods used by your stereo to play music. And the more options your audio system offers, the better your experience will be!

A high-grade car stereo will offer you all the advanced playback methods. From AUX inputs to Bluetooth, you will have every way to play your favorite songs.

Here is a list of the playback features that can make your car rides more joyful than ever!

CD/DVD Player

In the area of music apps, some users still carry a CD collection. So if you want to play music from your CDs and play some videos from your DVDs, don't forget to look for this option.

AUX Input

If you have some external devices that don't come with any wireless feature, you'll need an AUX output. In this way, you can listen to music from any gadget even if you have trouble connecting via Bluetooth!

Bluetooth Connectivity

There isn't any stereo that doesn't have Bluetooth these days! Thanks to this option, you can do some hands-free calling and control the whole interface effortlessly. Therefore, this feature is a must-have!

USB Ports

By using USB ports, you can connect your devices with a USB cable. So, when your Bluetooth isn't working, just take out the cable and play anything from your Android or IOS gadgets. Moreover, if you use this method, your smartphones will be getting charged the whole time. And that's something mind-blowing, we must say!

Music Apps

We all have music apps subscriptions now, so some manufacturers are adding apps compatibility to their products. Hence, if you are into these apps, such as Pandora or Spotify, ensure your audio system supports that!


Some say Radio is old-school, but we say it's golden! There's nothing more soothing than listening to some interesting podcasts or get some weather updates on the ride. And if you are spending money, why don't you try to get the best value you possibly have?

Sound Quality

No matter how expensive your car stereo is, if it doesn't sound good, what's the point of getting it?
So always look for a single din head unit that is guaranteed to provide crystal-clear sound quality. In this article, you will find some remarkable stereos that will ensure a top-quality, louder audio experience without any annoyance. 

Smartphone Compatibility

Some single din stereos aren't capable of connecting to your smartphone. In that case, you cannot play anything from your IOS or android gadget, and you don't want that!

Hence, make sure your car stereo is compatible with different smartphones. It will allow you to spend a cheerful time when you are on a long ride!


You should always choose a single DIN head unit that comes with a simple interface; that's a rule of thumb! If the using procedure is messy and complicated, you'll feel annoyed every time you try to play some Coldplay!

Moreover, when the operating system is tricky, you can't use it while driving. Therefore, going for a user-friendly interface is the wisest idea. 

Display Screen

A single din stereo usually comes with an LCD screen with a backlight feature so that you can see the details during nighttime. However, these display screens are hard to see in natural light, which is a bit disappointing.

So always try to pick a stereo that comes with a large and easy-to-read screen. Moreover, some displays have touchscreen features, which make them more comfortable to use. 


The video input is not a must-have feature, but it makes your rides safer. If you want to install a rear camera on your car to better view your backs, you need this feature in your stereo.

Therefore, if you are on your learner's permit or having troubles parking your vehicle, this option will be a game-changer!

Wireless Remote

When your audio system comes with a wireless remote, adjusting the settings will become much easier. And people in the front seat usually have full control over the system. But if you have a wireless remote, you can control everything while sitting in the backseat!

Power Rating

Suppose you don't want to get any amp for your car stereo, but still want enhanced audio quality. In that case, you need to consider the power rating.

To figure this out, you need to look at the watts per channel your stereo has! When you have higher watts per channel, you will get louder sound without any amplifier. 


Your stereo should be open to expandability. It means that your stereo should have the chance to add subwoofers, rear camera or any other external components. In this way, you can make your single din car stereo more high-performance whenever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between single DIN and double din stereos?

The key difference is the size. You can see that the double din head units are twice the size of a single din audio system. And the display of a double din stereo is a bit larger. Well, that's it! You can find more differences between them if you visit this source where we have compared both items. 

Is it possible to upgrade my single din head unit to a double din one?

Yes, you can go from a single din to a double din if your car has the space for it. However, if your dashboard isn't spacious enough for a double din head unit, you need professional help to install it. Otherwise, it may not fit into your dashboard without blocking other controls.

Do I need to get an amp for my single din head unit?

If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of your single din audio system, get an amplifier to boost the whole experience. Amps ensure minimum distortion, and you'll get to enjoy louder music without ruining the clarity.

To enhance the sound range and to have more control over the audio output, an amplifier will be the greatest addition to your car stereo. 

Do single din stereos come with GPS?

When looking for the best single DIN GPS head unit, you will have to return with a handful of disappointments! Currently, no single din stereo has GPS to offer. However, if you can connect your smart devices to the unit, you can play the direction through the sound system.

The Bottom Line

You can just grab any single din stereo; no one will mind! But if you want the best single DIN head unit to rock your world, the ride will be bumpy!
Though I’ve mentioned all the top options, you may still feel overwhelmed. So, here’s my quick suggestion!

For an overall experience, pick the Alpine CDE-172BT. It allows you to personalize tunes, ensures top-notch connectivity and doesn't burn holes in your pocket! 

And when you're running on a tight budget, pick the BOSS Audio Systems 616UAB. It comes with all the innovative features under a cheap price tag. Isn't that precious?

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