Where to Sell My Car Stereo?

The car stereo is one of the most common vehicle components that people buy and sell frequently.

Whether you are updating the system or want to junk your vehicle, it is better to sell off the stereo system in the most convenient way you can.

If this is your first time thinking about where to sell a car stereo? Then you’re in the right place.

There are several online marketplaces available that can give you high exchange money for an old stereo. But you can also think about physical stores like local pawn shops for this.

This article is tailored to help you find the most convenient option for selling the stereo, even when you have no knowledge about this.

Why Should You Sell a Car Stereo?

Enthusiastic car owners would want to try a new stereo system every now and then.

I’ve put a discussion based on the reasons why selling a car stereo is still a good idea and why the pre-owned market has demand for it: 

Easy Extra Money

So, whenever you update the system, what should you do with the old one? Either you can just dump it in the junkyard or can sell it somewhere to earn a few bucks from it.

Though the rate of exchanging money for your old stereo is relatively lower; still, you can think about selling it off on your nearby marketplaces.

Collection Purpose

There are a lot of people who like to store vintage vehicle equipment and smash them into something good and useful. These people buy old stereos, and you can be a great seller to them either through online or physical shops.

Installing on Older Vehicles

The stereo repairing centers often collect old and functional stereo parts. They repair those and install them in other vehicles. People who can’t afford buying a brand-new stereo system, often install these repaired ones in their vehicles.

Online Marketplaces for Selling a Car Stereo

If you do not have any physical store (for pre-owned electronics) near you, online marketplaces are a great choice for selling your car stereo.

There are individual online stores that have their own websites for buying and selling second-hand products.

The Facebook marketplace can also be an option where you will find a bunch of pages to sell your old stereo.

Here we have discussed a few online marketplaces along with the user guidelines so that you can explore those and choose one that seems convenient to you.

1. eBay

Whether you are selling your new stereo for an update or just want to sell off the used one, eBay can be the best option to choose among other global sites.

Besides, you can also get a reasonable price for your stereo if you are willing to give it a try on eBay.

To sell your stereo on eBay, you have to create an account first. Then once you have added the listing for the stereo, your half job is done.

In case you are a new user of eBay, there are a few things that you need to know before selling your stereo. While you start off, you need to maintain and consider the following things.

Selling Price for a Used Car Stereo

After knowing the selling price of the stereo, you have to decide whether you are willing to sell it here or not. As the price doesn’t always remain the same and differs from country to country, you should always check the recent price list.

For a single DIN basic car stereo, you can get $10- $60 in the US and £10- £25 on the UK-based eBay site.

In case you have a high-functional stereo with double DIN, the price is definitely higher. You may get $40- $200 in the US and £20- £100 on the UK-based eBay website.

This is the last updated approximate price list for car stereos. But it is always advised to check the price just before you list the product on the website.

Listing the Stereo

After you create an account on eBay, it is required to complete the listing and detailing of the stereo. Without listing, you can’t add any description and set up an auction for it.

While providing the product description, try to give as much information as you can.

More information helps the customers to know about different features of the product clearly, besides, it also helps in setting up the auction.

Add your stereo to the correct category of products for proper listing. As soon as someone shows interest in the product, try to respond to the customers properly because it will attract the bidders to join the auction and bid on your stereo.

Additional Cost and Fees

Compared to other online marketplaces, eBay has fewer additional fees, which makes it so popular worldwide. You will notice other sites demand an extra fee for the listing, which is totally free on eBay.

But on the ebay.uk website, sometimes it is required to pay an extra fee for listing certain products.

But apart from that, you only have to pay the sales fee for the product. The selling fee differs from country to country due to the currency exchange.

On the US website of eBay, you have to pay 2- 12.2% price of the stereo as a selling fee. It is a bit higher on the UK website, which is about 12.8% of the stereo.

Sometimes, the selling fee also changes from time to time, and that is why you need to check the latest list before listing your stereo.

Shipping Process

Actually, the shipping process, along with the charges, varies according to your convenience and choice. There are a few critical choices you need to consider while shipping the stereo.

Mostly, you have to decide how you want to ship the stereo to the customer. It depends on the location of the customer and the weight of your stereo.

You have the option to decide whether you are paying the shipping charge or making your customer pay for it. Additionally, the packing cost is also considered while listing the shipping charge.

For shipping your stereo to the customer, you can also contact the nearby shipping company that works well for you.

2. Facebook Marketplace

After 2016, Facebook became quite popular for business because of the Facebook Marketplace introduced to the communities. It has opened a door of possibilities for easy selling and buying for both retailers and customers.

Even if you can’t afford any extra charges for listing on other online sites, Facebook is the best option to choose.

So, you can easily sell your stereo on the Facebook marketplace without any additional fees and charges. Plus, the selling price of stereos is almost the same as other e-commerce sites like eBay.

Recently, Facebook has also started collaborating with many other e-commerce websites. So, you can also connect with different sites for selling your stereo and compare the selling price.

As there are a bunch of retailers and customers connecting the marketplace, you can choose among them and find the suitable one.

3. Selling Car Stereo at Pawn Shops

The main reason why people often choose pawn shops over online sites is the quick sale of any product. In pawn shops, you won’t have to wait for several days and weeks for the right customer to sell your stereo.

Often these shops might want the purchase document of your stereo to confirm the authenticity. 

Generally, pawn shops offer a lower price compared to online marketplaces. But the selling price mostly depends on several factors, including the physical condition and brand of the stereo.

Physical damage like scratches and faded color can reduce the selling price of your stereo. On the other hand, Japanese, American, and German stereos can be sold at a high price in any pawn shop because of their brand value.

4. Newsgroups and Forums

Different newsgroups and forums can work as advertising media for selling any product. You can either contact online-based or physical centers of local newspapers to sell your stereo.

Mostly, forums and newspapers tend to offer less price for any second-hand product compared to other marketplaces.

Besides, these tasks can be time-consuming and might feel like a hassle for you as the advertisement does not act as fast as any online website.

It takes time and also holds the possibility of getting in touch with fraud customers. So, you have to be careful about meeting up with any customer who is unknown to you.

Maintaining the correct thread is required for using newsgroups to sell your stereo. Otherwise, the conditions of certain forums can be violated, and you might get banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can you do with your old car stereo?

If your old stereo is still working well, you can sell it on online marketplaces or physical stores. In case you want to donate it, you can consider charity organizations and different youth centers. Otherwise, recycling centers are a great option for giving off the old stereo.

2. Is it worth updating your car stereo?

If you have certain fascinations about vehicle stereo systems, updating them is always a great idea. Generally, people update their car stereo for higher sound quality and the latest features. If you want better audio with updated features like digital control and Bluetooth connectivity, you are always welcome for your stereo upgrade.

3. Do aftermarket stereos work well?

Basically, aftermarket stereo refers to an updated radio which is not the same as the factory manufactured. You can get them in any stereo installation and repair center near you. As these stereos are updated ones with better audio quality and digital features, they really work well after installing into any vehicle.

Final Words

Among different options to sell your car stereo, online marketplaces are the ones to offer you the highest prices. But these can be time-consuming and might create a hassle.

Though local stores offer a lower price, they can minimize this hassle for you.

Hope you have got a bunch of ideas about where to sell a car stereo by ensuring the highest benefits and minimizing the inconvenience.

You can always think of having your own website and selling the stereo directly without dealing with any middleman if your website has good traffic.

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