All Cars That Start with X

Exploring the variety of car models available in the vast world of automobiles is fascinating. 

Some car names ignite curiosity and intrigue, such as those that begin with the letter “X.” 

These cars capture our attention with their distinctive features, designs, and performances. 

We will delve into the realm of all cars that start with X and discover the unique offerings they bring to the automotive industry.

All Cars That Start With X: Brands

We all agree that X is very peculiar for car names. Luckily few brands opt to use this letter; they include the following: 

1. Xiali (Tianjin FAW Xiali)

Photo by Kevauto via Wikimedia

Established in 1965, this Chinese car company produced various passenger and utility vehicles. 

However, it now focuses on manufacturing compact sedans. As a subsidiary of FAW Group, it gained significant popularity in China, becoming the second-largest car company in the country by 2000. 

They are known for mass production and offering lower-quality products. Tianjin FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., which is their joint venture with Toyota, manufactures Toyota passenger cars specifically designed for the Chinese market.

2. Xiamen Golden Dragon

Photo by Jengtingchen via Wikimedia

Founded in 1992, Xiamen Golden Dragon is a Chinese vehicle manufacturer specializing in buses, coaches, and vans. 

Their product includes a wide variety of models. They have expanded their market presence in Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East and are now beginning to develop in European markets. 

As part of China’s largest bus company, Xiamen Golden Dragon has established itself as a prominent player in the industry.

3. Xinkai

Photo by Navigator84 via Wikimedia

Xinkai is a Chinese car manufacturer established in 1984. It is also known as Xinkai Auto Manufacture Corporation, based in Gaobeydian, Hebei Province. 

Initially, the company required foreign investment to become a reality. In 2004, Xinkai signed an agreement with Mercedes-Benz, leading to the manufacturing of Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles for the Chinese market. 

Xinkai produces several unique models and specializes in assembling Isuzu and Mercedes vehicles.

4. XPeng

Photo by harry_nl via Flickr

XPeng is a car brand based in Guangzhou, China. The company was founded in 2014 by He Xiaopeng, Xia Heng, He Tao, and Yang Chunlei. 

Their primary focus is on creating electric vehicles (EVs). They also have a subsidiary (XMotors) in the United States. 

Notably, the XPeng HT Aero brand has announced its intention to introduce a flying car by 2024, showcasing their innovative approach to mobility.

All Cars That Start With X: Models

X is quite famous for cars than most people think. Here are all the car models that have names starting with this letter: 

1. X Models (BMW)

The “X Models” is a range of SUVs produced by BMW. These luxury SUVs combine BMW’s signature performance and style with the versatility and capability of an SUV. The X Models include the following: 

X1 (BMW)

The BMW X1 is a compact luxury crossover SUV that combines the practicality of a small SUV with the performance and refinement expected from BMW. 

It offers a spacious interior, advanced technology features, and a range of powerful engine options. 

The X1 is known for its agile handling and smooth riding, making it a popular choice among compact luxury SUV enthusiasts.

X3 (BMW)

The BMW X3 blends performance, style, and functionality. It offers a comfortable and spacious interior, advanced technology features, and a range of powerful engine options. 

The X3 has sporty handling and impressive driving dynamics, making it a popular choice among luxury SUV enthusiasts.

X2 (BMW)

The BMW X2 is a compact luxury crossover SUV with a sporty and coupe-like design. It combines the practicality and versatility of an SUV with the dynamic performance and elegance associated with BMW. 

The X2 features a range of powerful engines, advanced technology features, and BMW’s signature driving dynamics, appealing to those seeking a stylish and sporty compact SUV.

X4 (BMW)

The BMW X4 is a compact SUV with a coupe-like design, athletic styling, and powerful engine options that offer a sporty and dynamic driving experience. 

The X4 combines an SUV’s versatility and practicality with a coupe’s stylish design elements.

X5 (BMW)

The BMW X5 is a midsize utility vehicle with a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. It offers a spacious and well-appointed interior, advanced technology features, and a range of powerful engines.

The X5 has a refined performance, and versatile capabilities, making it a top choice in luxury SUVs.

X6 (BMW)

The BMW X6 is a luxury midsize SUV with a sleek and sporty coupe-like design. It offers performance and style, featuring powerful engines and advanced technology. 

The X6 provides a spacious and comfortable interior, making it popular for those seeking a luxurious and sporty SUV.

X7 (BMW)

The BMW X7 is a luxury SUV with exceptional space, comfort, and performance. It combines elegance with versatility, featuring three rows of seating and advanced technology features. 

The X7 provides a smooth and luxurious driving experience, making it an ideal choice for larger families or those who prioritize spaciousness and luxury.

2. X Type (Jaguar)

The Jaguar X Type is a compact executive car manufactured by the British automaker Jaguar. This model was produced from 2001 to 2009 and was Jaguar’s entry-level model. 

The X Type offered a blend of luxury, comfort, and Jaguar’s distinctive styling cues, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a compact luxury car.

3. X1/9 (Bertone)

The X1/9 is a sports car produced by the Italian design and manufacturing company Bertone in collaboration with Fiat. It was in production from 1972 to 1989. 

The X1/9 featured a mid-engine layout and a compact, lightweight design. Its sleek and distinctive styling and agile handling made it a popular choice for enthusiasts looking for an affordable and sporty driving experience.

4.  X1/9 (Fiat)

The Fiat X1/9 is a two-seater sports car made by the Italian automaker Fiat from 1972 to 1989. 

It shared a similar design and platform with the Bertone X1/9 mentioned earlier. The Fiat X1/9 balanced style, performance, and affordability, making it a popular choice among sports car enthusiasts during its production years.

5. X200 (Great Wall)

The X200 is an SUV model produced by the Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors. It is made to offer a balance of comfort, versatility, and capability. 

The X200 features a spacious interior, modern styling, and various features to enhance the driving experience. It caters to individuals and families seeking affordable and practical SUVs.

6. X220 (Mercedes-Benz)

The Mercedes-Benz X220 is a model within the X-Class lineup of pickup trucks. It has a combination of luxury, performance, and utility. 

The X220 has advanced features and technologies, making it suitable for work and leisure.

7. X240 (Great Wall) 

The Great Wall X240 is a compact SUV produced by the Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors. 

It offers a practical and affordable option for individuals and families seeking a compact SUV with off-road capabilities. The X240 features a spacious interior, rugged styling, and reliable performance.

8. X250 (Mercedes-Benz)

Photo by Vauxford via Wikimedia

The Mercedes-Benz X250 is another variant within the X-Class lineup of pickup trucks. It shares similar features and characteristics with other models in the X-Class range, offering a luxurious and versatile driving experience. 

The X250 combines Mercedes-Benz’s craftsmanship with the functionality of a pickup truck.

9. X350 (Mercedes-Benz)

The Mercedes-Benz X350 is a high-end variant within the X-Class lineup of pickup trucks. It provides a premium driving experience with luxurious features, refined performance, and exceptional craftsmanship. 

The X350 combines a pickup truck’s practicality with a Mercedes-Benz vehicle’s elegance and sophistication.

10. X80 (LIFAN)

The LIFAN X80 is a midsize SUV manufactured by LIFAN Motors, a Chinese automotive company. 

The X80 offers a spacious and comfortable interior, seating up to seven passengers. It features a stylish design, advanced safety features, and modern technology, providing a well-rounded SUV option for families or individuals seeking a reliable and practical vehicle.

11. X-90 (Suzuki)

Photo by harry_nl via Flickr

The Suzuki X-90 is a compact two-seater SUV that Suzuki produced in the late 1990s. It features a unique and distinctive design, combining elements of an SUV and a convertible. 

The X-90 offers a fun and agile driving experience, making it a desirable choice for those seeking a compact and sporty SUV.

12. Xantia (Renault)

The Renault Xantia is a midsize family car produced by the French automaker Renault. It offers a comfortable and practical driving experience focusing on safety and reliability. 

The Xantia features a spacious interior, efficient engines, and a smooth ride, making it a popular choice for families or individuals seeking a reliable and practical car.

 13. X-Bow (KTM)

The KTM X-Bow is a compact sports car produced by KTM, an Austrian manufacturer known for motorcycles and sports cars since 1934. 

The X-Bow is designed to provide a unique and exhilarating driving experience, emphasizing performance, handling, and lightweight design. 

It features a sleek and aerodynamic body, showcasing style and functionality. Equipped with a powerful engine, the X-Bow delivers high horsepower and torque levels.

14.  XC40 (Volvo) 

The Volvo XC40 combines style, practicality, and advanced safety features. It has a sleek design, spacious interior, and versatile cargo space. The vehicle is popular among urban dwellers and small families.

15. XC60 (Volvo) 

The Volvo XC60 is an SUV known for its elegant design, advanced safety technologies, and comfortable interior. 

It has a powerful engine and offers a refined ride with ample cargo space, making it a versatile and luxurious choice for those seeking a premium SUV.

16. XC70 (Volvo)

The Volvo XC70 is a crossover SUV that combines the attributes of a station wagon and an SUV. It s well-suited for outdoor adventures and offers Volvo’s renowned safety features.

17. XC90 (Volvo) 

The Volvo XC90 is a full-size luxury SUV with a luxurious and comfortable interior. It has advanced technology features and a range of powerful yet efficient engines.

18. X-Class (Mercedes-Benz) 

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class is a pickup truck that combines ruggedness and luxury. It offers a stylish design, a comfortable interior, and powerful performance. 

19. XD3 (BMW Alpina) 

The BMW Alpina XD3 is a luxury SUV developed by Alpina, a renowned BMW tuning company. 

It features a powerful diesel engine, enhanced performance components, and luxurious interior appointments. 

20. XE (Jaguar)

Photo by EurovisionNim via Wikimedia

The Jaguar XE is a compact luxury sedan that showcases Jaguar’s iconic design language and sports car DNA. 

It offers dynamic handling, refined performance, and a luxurious interior. The XE is desirable for those seeking a sporty and luxurious sedan.

21. Xenon (Tata)

The Tata Xenon is a pickup truck manufactured by Tata Motors, an Indian automotive company. 

Designed to be versatile and rugged, the Xenon can handle various driving conditions. It has a stylish, spacious, well-equipped cabin that offers comfort and functionality.

22. XF (Jaguar)

The Jaguar XF was first introduced in 200. It showcases Jaguar’s sleek and modern design language, blending performance, comfort, and advanced technologies. 

The XF has undergone updates over the years, offering a range of engines and trims to cater to different preferences.

23. XJ (Jaguar)

XJ has been a flagship model for Jaguar since its introduction in 1968. It represents the pinnacle of Jaguar’s craftsmanship, elegance, and performance. 

The XJ has undergone several generations of updates, incorporating the latest technologies and features to deliver a luxurious and refined driving experience.

24. XJ12 (Jaguar)

The Jaguar XJ12 is an XJ model variant with a powerful V12 engine. It was available to different generations and was renowned for its impressive performance and luxurious appointments. The XJ12 was produced from the late 1970s until the 1990s.

25. XJ6 (Jaguar)

The Jaguar XJ6 is another variant of the XJ model and was introduced in the late 1960s. 

The XJ6 has undergone various updates and improvements, becoming known for its refined driving dynamics and sophisticated design.

26. XJ8 (Jaguar)

The Jaguar XJ8 is a variant of the XJ model introduced in the late 1990s. It represents a combination of luxury, performance, and advanced features. It has received accolades for its smooth ride quality and elegant presence on the road.

27. XJR (Jaguar)

The Jaguar XJR is a high-performance variant of the XJ luxury sedan. It combines the luxurious features and elegant design of the XJ with enhanced power and sportier driving dynamics. 

The XJR has been produced by various generations since its debut in the late 1990s, offering exhilarating performance and advanced technologies.

28. XJS (Jaguar)

The Jaguar XJS is a grand tourer in production from 1975 to 1996. It succeeded the iconic Jaguar E-Type and featured a sleek and distinctive design. 

The XJS offered a range of engines, including powerful V12 options, and was praised for its luxurious interior and smooth ride.

29. XJSC (Jaguar) 

The Jaguar XJSC is a convertible variant of the XJS grand tourer. It features a retractable roof, allowing for open-top driving experiences. 

The XJSC was produced from the early 1980s until the mid-1990s and offered the same blend of luxury and performance as the XJS coupe.

30. XK (Jaguar) 

The Jaguar XK is a luxury vehicle produced from 1996 to 2014. It represented a combination of elegant styling, powerful performance, and refined driving dynamics. 

The XK was available as a coupe and convertible, offering a range of engines and advanced features.

31. XK8 (Jaguar)

The Jaguar XK8 is a variant of the XK grand tourer produced from 1996 to 2006. The XK8 offered a balance between sporty performance and excellent touring comfort.

32. XKR (Jaguar)

The Jaguar XKR is a high-performance version of the XK grand tourer. It boasts a more aggressive appearance, enhanced power, and sport-tuned suspension for a thrilling driving experience. 

The XKR has been available for multiple generations, showcasing Jaguar’s commitment to performance and luxury.

33. XL-7 (Suzuki)

The Suzuki XL-7 is a midsize SUV produced from 1998 to 2009. It offered three-row seating, providing ample space for passengers and cargo. 

The XL-7 featured a capable off-road capability and was known for its reliability and affordability.

34. XM (Citroen)

Photo by Rutger van der Maar via Flickr

The Citroen XM is a large executive car from 1989 to 2000. It featured a unique design with aerodynamic styling and advanced suspension technology. 

The XM offered a comfortable ride, a spacious interior, and a range of engine options to cater to different preferences.

35. Xsara (Citroen)

The Citroen Xsara is a compact car in production from 1997 to 2006. It was available as a hatchback, sedan, and estate variant, offering practicality and versatility. The Xsara featured a comfortable interior and good handling.

36. X-Trail (Nissan)

The Nissan X-Trail has been a compact SUV since 2000. It combines off-road capability with on-road comfort and practicality. 

The X-Trail offers spacious seating, advanced safety features, and a range of engines and trims to suit different needs and preferences.

37. Xterra (Nissan)

The Nissan Xterra was introduced in 1998 as a versatile and capable vehicle for off-road adventures. 

The Xterra exudes a sense of toughness with its rugged and muscular design. Inside, the cabin offers ample space and practicality, catering to the needs of adventurous drivers. 

The Xterra has gained popularity among those seeking a vehicle ready for adventure.

38. XT4 (Cadillac)

The Cadillac XT4 is a compact luxury SUV in production since 2018. The XT4 offers a comfortable ride, efficient engines, and a range of luxurious amenities to cater to discerning buyers.

39. XT5 (Cadillac)

The Cadillac XT5 has been in production since 2016. It replaced the Cadillac SRX and quickly gained popularity for its style, performance, and comfort combination. 

The XT5 features a spacious and refined interior, advanced safety features, and a range of engine options to suit different preferences.

40. XT6 (Cadillac)

The Cadillac XT6 is a three-row SUV introduced in 2019. It offers seating for up to seven occupants and provides a luxurious and comfortable driving experience. 

The XT6 features distinctive Cadillac styling, advanced safety technologies, and a range of convenience features to enhance the overall driving experience.

41. XU6 (HSV) 

The HSV XU6 is a performance sedan produced by Holden Special Vehicles (HSV), an Australian automotive manufacturer. 

It was based on the Holden Commodore and featured a powerful V6 engine. The XU6 offered a balance of performance and practicality, catering to enthusiasts who desired a sporty sedan.

42. XU8 (HSV)

The HSV XU8 is another performance sedan produced by Holden Special Vehicles. It featured a powerful V8 engine, providing exhilarating performance on the road. 

The XU8 showcased HSV’s expertise in tuning and enhancing the performance of Holden vehicles.

43. XUV500 (Mahindra) 

The Mahindra XUV500 is a midsize SUV in production since 2011. It offers a spacious cabin, comfortable seating for up to seven occupants, and a range of features and technologies. 

The XUV500 combines practicality, style, and affordability, making it a popular choice in the SUV segment.

44. XV (Subaru) 

Photo by Corvettec6r via Wikimedia

The Subaru XV, also known as the Subaru Crosstrek in some markets, is a compact crossover SUV produced since 2011. 

It features Subaru’s renowned all-wheel drive system, capable off-road capabilities, and a raised suspension for enhanced ground clearance. 

The XV offers a blend of versatility, reliability, and adventure-ready performance.

Related Questions 

What Does the X in Cars that Start with X Mean?

The letter “X” in cars that start with “X” generally serves as part of the model name chosen by the manufacturer. The meaning behind the “X” can vary depending on the car brand and its naming conventions. 

In some cases, the “X” may signify a crossover or SUV model, indicating a vehicle that combines the features of a classic car with the versatility and capabilities of an SUV. 

In other cases, the “X” may be a distinctive and unique identifier the manufacturer chooses to give the car a memorable and standout name. 

Ultimately, the meaning behind the “X” in cars that start with “X” can vary and is determined by the car brand’s intention and branding strategy.


From the sleek and sporty XKR by Jaguar to the luxurious XT5 by Cadillac, the cars that start with “X” present a diverse range of options for car enthusiasts. 

Each model carries its distinct personality, combining innovation, style, and performance. 

Whether it’s the Jaguar XJ series showcasing elegance and sophistication or the Cadillac XT4 providing a blend of luxury and practicality, these cars demonstrate the ingenuity and craftsmanship of their respective manufacturers.


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